Atlanta - Nepalese Association in Southeast America

Seventh Annual NaSEA /ANMA Joint Convention at Atlanta
September 3-5, 2011
A Statewide Organization Established and Registered in 1992 in the State of Florida, USA.
Archana Kattel , Ph.D.
President , FNA
Florida Nepal Association (FNA)
The objectives:
 To promote close cooperation and friendship people
residing in Florida and the neighboring states.
 To promote educational, charitable, social, and cultural
 To promote close relations with other similar
associations in North America
Florida Nepal Association (FNA)
Past Presidents:
Mr. Tirtha Mali First President
Mr. Rajeeb Lamsal
Mr. Ajay Satyal
Dr. Dharma Acharya
Dr. Bijaya Kattel
Dr. Khusi Ram Tiwari
Mr. Sundar Joshi
Mr. Sanjaya Bajrachrya
Historic Day in FNA
 October 30, 2010 first
woman president elected
in the18-year history of
the Organization.
2002- 2004
2006- 2008
Present Executive Committee (2010 -2012):
Vice president
General secretary
Information secretary
Members-at Large
Mr. Binod chalise
Dr. Jay P Shah
Mrs. Radha Weeder
Mr. Raju Tamrakar
Mr. Sailesh Parajuli
Archana Kattel, Ph.D.
Radha Mali
Nabin Sapkota, Ph.D.
Rajesh Ghimire
Jhanak Thapalia
Nepal Study Forum Co-ordinator
Mr. Niraj Shrestha
Actions and Activities
Develop a sense of unity
 TEAM = Together Everybody Achieves More –
motto of the association to move entire community
forward as a common group.
 To incorporate all voices and suggestions to
make our community stronger and united.
 FNA by-laws Amendment after 18 years
 Organize programs within FNA and participate in other
regional organizations programs to take the FNA forward and
to the broader spectrum.
 Expanding the programs/activities that will be beneficial and
interesting to our community.
 Nepal Study Forum
Programs of FNA –Nepal Study Forum
The avenue to reach everyone in the community
 Everest and me
Mr. Dev Bhandary & Mr.Sunder Joshi
 Acupressure therapy
Mr. Gunanidhi Ghimire
 Trading Health: Plants, Medicine, Conservation and the Poor in Nepal
Dr. Mary Cameron
 Personal finance Management
Mr. Chandan Shrestha & Mr. Dev Bhandary
Interaction with Entrepreneurs from our (Nepali) Community
“Conscious Discipline” for Children
Guiding Principles
Include everyone in the community, regardless of age, sex
and background.
Outreach to all Nepali living in Florida and beyond to involve
them in the activities that will benefit all, regardless of age,
sex, and background.
 Organize programs that will be chosen by and beneficial to
the youth
 FNA members can interact with one another for their needs
and obtain advice
Development of the programs which will be benefitting
in Nepal.
 Scholarship,
 book donations
 Health care (nutrition educations)
Develop and establish a Nepalese network in
Florida for our community, where community
members can interact with one another for their
need and advice.
FNA Supported Projects
Chhetrapati Free Clinic
Samrita Lohani fund
School Project (Shree Sankhadevi High School in
Nuwakot District)
Haiti Earthquake victims
Sports (Florida Chautari Team)
Young scholars

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