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Kawish Welfare Trust ®
Inception since; June
 Objectives:
To elevate Literacy, Health & Self Sustainability of unprivileged.
 Strategy:
 Primary & Middle level education,
 Basic health facilities,
 Micro finance facilities,
 Skills Development Programs
 Disaster Management Services.
Rural Telemedicine (RTM):
Introduction of HUB & Spoke Model
 Connectivity:
Qualified doctors ~vs~ Remote patients.
 Modern Diagnostics:
To the poor and disadvantaged.
 Less cost / Traveling:
Treatment at home town.
 Health care efficiency:
Health promotion strategies, disease
prevention and reduction of medical
complications in Pakistani populations.
 Non commercial Set-up:
At no charge basis for poor with added
facility of medicines support. Private
affording patients are exempted for
getting this facility.
Our Vision (inshallah)
 By December 2013, 10 SPOKEs shall be connected.
 Targeting 500 patients treatment per day.
 100 volunteer Expert doctors ( Specialists) membership in
 Collaboration: Overseas Partners / Foreign Hospital
From April 2013
 Private Patients for 2nd opinion (affording Only)
June 2013
Rural Tele Medicine (RTM) Team:
Mian Muhammad Naeem Sahib
Mr. Ayub Sabir Izhar Sahib
Mr. Mahboob Nasir Izhar Sahib
Executive Team Lahore (HUB)
Mr. Ammar Ahmad Tarin
Mr. Shamshad Khan (Coordinator)
Mr. Arslan Khan (Project Admin.)
Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad (Accounts & Finance)
Mr. Zaheer (I.T )
Owais (Security & Support)
Al Rahim Hospital BNG (Spoke 1)
Mr. Arshad (Dispenser/Compounder)
Mr. Abdul Waheed (Dispenser/Compounder)
Madam Uzma (LHV)
Mr. Ahmad Majeed (I.T.)
Mr. Azhar Hussain (Admin.)
Al Rehman Hospital BNG (Spoke 2)
Mr. Ashfaq (Dispenser/Compounder)
Mr. Munir (Dispenser/Compounder)
Madam Rubina (LHV)
Mr. Muhammad Tahir (I.T. / Admin)
(Shafi Group)
(Izhar Group)
(Izhar Group)
How RTM works?
• Doctors at HUB or anywhere in the world
• Patients at SPOKE ( mostly in rural areas)
•Electronic Diagnostics tools at SPOKES
• Video conferencing ( two way real time consultation )
•IT experts back up support
•Electronic Medical Records (EMR) tool , application &
What has been done so far?
• Established HUB at Gulab Devi hospital.
•Linked 02 Remote clinics ( 300 km away) via broad band for
video conferencing.
•Harmonized Team : Project Coordinators, I.T. person, Para
medical staff at HUB and spokes.
•System has been tested for successful delivery
•Awareness at rural vicinity: 100 patients per day available at
SPOKES after promotional campaign.
Hub No. 01 : Al-Rehman Complex
Hub No. 02 : Al-Raheem Complex
Monthly Eye Camp: Functional SPOKE
Thank you for giving
us your valuable time
and attention.

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