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St rs Jeopardy
Mr. Golden
Loco-Motion H-R Diagram Life Cycle Mixed Bag
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Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from Mr. Golden Sun
List the 4 layers of the Sun from
innermost to outermost.
$100 Answer from Mr. Golden Sun
Core, Photosphere, Chromosphere, Corona
$200 Question from Mr. Golden Sun
How does solar wind affect Earth?
$200 Answer from Mr. Golden Sun
The wind comes from the corona and is full of ions
and is deflected by Earth’s
magnetic field/trapped in
Van Allen belts and react with
gasesgive off light(aurora).
$300 Question from Mr. Golden Sun
What causes sunspots to form?
$300 Answer from Mr. Golden Sun
They are where the magnetic field
penetrates the photosphere.
$400 Question from Mr. Golden Sun
Compare solar flares with prominences.
$400 Answer from Mr. Golden Sun
Solar flares are violent eruptions of particles/radiation
while prominences are arcs of gas ejected from the
chromospheres/condenses in corona and comes
back to surface.
$500 Question from Mr. Golden Sun
How does the Sun create energy for solar activity?
$500 Answer from Mr. Golden Sun
Fusion: lightweight nuclei into heavier H with He
$100 Question from Loco-Motion
This is when two stars are gravitationally
bound and orbit a common center of mass?
$100 Answer from Loco-Motion
Binary stars
$200 Question from Loco-Motion
Arrange the following from smallest to largest:
parsec, astronomical unit,
kilometer, light-year.
$200 Answer from Loco-Motion
Smallest Kilometer, AU, Light-year, Parsec <--Largest
$300 Question from Loco-Motion
Explain blue shift and red shift
in regards to stars. Be sure to include
why we associate colors
with the shift!
$300 Answer from Loco-Motion
Blue towards Red away;
wavelength relates to color wavelength
in visible spectrum.
$400 Question from Loco-Motion
Why might a star have the same absolute
magnitude but different apparent magnitudes?
$400 Answer from Loco-Motion
Appears to be same brightness but different distances.
$500 Question from Loco-Motion
Defend or refute this statement & explain:
As the distance between the star and the
Earth[observer] increases, the parallax
$500 Answer from Loco-Motion
True because the angle between the star and the
Earth at two different positions during orbit become smaller.
$100 Question from H-R Diagram
What three characteristics of stars does the
H-R diagram show?
$100 Answer from H-R Diagram
Color, temperature, and luminosity
$200 Question from H-R Diagram
90% of stars occupy this region in the
HR diagram?
$200 Answer from H-R Diagram
Main sequence stars
$300 Question from H-R Diagram
Illustrate on the board where the Sun
would fall on the HR diagram?
$300 Answer from H-R Diagram
Roughly the center of main sequence
$400 Question from H-R Diagram
What are the hottest and most dim stars called?
$400 Answer from H-R Diagram
White dwarfs
$500 Question from H-R Diagram
Where would a black hole would
go on the H-R diagram?
$500 Answer from H-R Diagram
Off the chart to the right (WAY over to the right) and
underneath (WAY under).
$100 Question from Lifecycle
Where all stars form?
$100 Answer from Lifecycle
$200 Question from Lifecycle
Whether or not a star will eventually form a
white dwarf or a supernova depends on this?
$200 Answer from Lifecycle
$300 Question from Lifecycle
After an average sized star,
a star will become this?
$300 Answer from Lifecycle
Red Giant
$400 Question from Lifecycle
Why do stars move through
stages during their life cycle?
$400 Answer from Lifecycle
When hydrogen in core is gone, cannot undergo fusion
$500 Question from Lifecycle
Explain how the lifetime of stars is
determined by their mass?
$500 Answer from Lifecycle
High mass stars will burn fuel more quickly
versus low mass which burn slowly.
$100 Question from Mixed Bag
Name the longest running cartoon
in US history.
$100 Answer from Mixed Bag
The Simpsons
$200 Question from Mixed Bag
Name the RI State Bird.
$200 Answer from Mixed Bag
RI Red
$300 Question from Mixed Bag
Name the term used to describe a word
that is the same spelled the same
backwards and forwards
Ex: racecar, madam, radar
$300 Answer from Mixed Bag
$400 Question from Mixed Bag
List the 4 presidents found on Mt. Rushmore
in South Dakota
$400 Answer from Mixed Bag
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln
$500 Question from Mixed Bag
What is the name of
Jasmine’s pet tiger in
$500 Answer from Mixed Bag
Final Jeopardy
Explain how the universe would
be different if massive stars did
not explode at the end of their
Final Jeopardy Answer
Heavy elements would not
be dispersed, and they would not
be available for incorporation
into later generations of stars or
for the formation of planets in
solar systems.
Tools of Astronomy
What is the main difference
between a refracting and a
reflecting telescope?
Tools of Astronomy $100
Tools of Astronomy $200
What is the relationship
between wavelength and
Tools of Astronomy $200
Inversely proportional
Tools of Astronomy $300
Why is interferometry useful
to astronomers?
Tools of Astronomy $300
By combining the images from
several telescopes, astronomers
can create highly defined and
detailed images.
Tools of Astronomy $400
List 3 forms of
Tools of Astronomy $400
UV, radio, microwave, infared,
X-ray, gamma ray
Tools of Astronomy $500
Relate electromagentic
spectrum to astronomy…i.e.
why learn about it now?
Tools of Astronomy $500
The radiation from distant
bodies in the universe;
objects in space emit

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