- Skyfreight

Sitting (from left to right):
1. Concepcion T. Maclang- Asst. Vice Pres. Brokerage
Operations- [email protected]
2. Susan C. Arandela – Purchasing [email protected]
3. Carina T. Rodil – HRD [email protected]
4. Merlyn M. Manuel- Customer Service Manager [email protected]
5. Eduardo G. De Guzman – Exec. Vice-President/ Chief
Operating Officer- [email protected]
6. Consul Eduardo L. De Guzman- President [email protected]
7. Jericho G. De Guzman- VP- Marketing and
Operations- [email protected]
8. Tonette L. Balanag- Document Control Center
Manager/ QMR- [email protected]
9. Emerlita G. Rivera – Asst. Vice President/ Finance
Controller - [email protected]
10. Bing S. Hernandez- Sales Manager [email protected]
11. Irene G. Medrano- Sales Manager [email protected]
12. Angel L. Pelejo – Treasury Manager [email protected]
Standing (from left to right):
1. Col. Jose A. Mendoza – Facilities and Security [email protected]
2. Jaime L. Medina– Ocean Forwarding Services Manager [email protected]
3. Rommel G. Santos- Global Tender [email protected]
4. Albert S. Fajardo – Credit & Collection Manager for
Brokerage Services- [email protected]
5. Cesar L. Feliciano- Air Forwarding Services Manager [email protected]
6. Manuel J. Arnaldo – Senior Vice-President [email protected]
7. Rupert M. Pagtalunan – Sales Manager [email protected]
8. Pauli R. Condecido- Accounting Manager for Forwarding
Services - [email protected]
9. Rene P. Tijam- Credit & Collection Manager for
Forwarding Services- [email protected]
10. Mauricio P. Meranio – Broker/ Peza Air ManagerMPMer[email protected]
11. Abel O. Erica – Warehouse and Distribution Manager
Not in the picture:
1. Noel F. Tariman – Ocean Brokerage Services Manager – [email protected]
2. Jesus B. Castro – Air Brokerage Services Asst. Manager – [email protected]
3. Jeffrey M. Junsay – Cebu Branch OIC- [email protected]
4. Samuel G. Villarico - Accounting Manager for Brokerage Services - [email protected]
5. Noah Raul O. De Guzman – Warehouse and Distribution Asst. Manager- [email protected]

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