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 Fish and plant grow in a symbiotic environment in an
Aquaponic system.
 As a result waste is reduced, water and land usage is
minimized, GHG emission is reduced and organic food
source is obtained.
 Proper maintenance of
aquaponic system is
for proper growth of
fish and plant.
Aquamon will serve
this purpose.
How does Aquamon help us?
 For proper growth plants require: a) Light, b) Water, c) Carbon
di oxide, d) Nitrates (Nutrients)
 For proper growth fishes require: a) Food, b) Clean water, c)
 Water Quality Variables that need to be monitored for an
Aquaponic system: a) Temperature, b) Dissolved oxygen, c)
Total NH3, NO2, d) Alkalinity & pH, e) Hardness, f) Carbon
Why Aquamon ?
Round the clock
State of the art
Cheaper than competitors
Web based
Development Plan
 Version 1 – expected delivery date end June 2012
total NH3 & NO2,
alkalinity - pH,
Dissolved carbon dioxide of the water
Aquamon: Hardware & Software
 A) Microcontroller, B) Sensors: i) pH, ii) CO2, iii)
Temperature, iv) Ammonia & Nitrogen sensors.
pH Sensor(DD011)
Temperature Sensor
CO2 Sensor (YSI 8500 )
 These components will be integrated together and the
monitoring system monitors the Aquaponic system.
 Monitored data are stored in a database and will be
displayed through a website. Users just need to log in.
Price estimation & probable day of launch
• Approximately would cost Rs. 15,000\- for ver 1 one
time or through subscription model. Details need to
be figured out
• Available in end June 2012. Ready to market early July
 Version 2 will feature dissolved Oxygen sensor
 Version 3 will have smartphone features. Iphone and
android application to give users better and faster
access to data on mobile phones.

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