1. PWP Workshop Objectives and Accomplishments 2013

Dr. Shahid Ahmad
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Programme Introduction
Workshop Objectives
• Funding by Oxfam-Novib
• Programme Developed in
March 2013
• Presented in 1st National
Workshop on April 18th 2013
• Programme initiated in May
• Today’s Workshop is the 2nd
National Workshop
• Presentation of
Accomplishments and
progress of 2013-14
• Document feedback
from the participants
• Recap
Recommendations and
• Next Steps for 2014-15
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Pakistan Water Programme - Framework
3. Water
2. Interprovincial
1. Capacity for
diplomacy and
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
and watersecure
4. Water for
livelihoods and
5. Water and
health secure
villages and
Research Studies 2013-14
• Three research studies completed:
 Mr. Ashfaq Mahmood - “Hydro-Diplomacy:
Trans-boundary Water Issues between India
and Pakistan; and Water Cooperation
between Pakistan and Afghanistan”
 Mr. Mirza Hamid Hassan - “Policy and
Institutional Analysis in the Water Sector of
 Dr. Bashir Ahmad - “Water Apportionment and
Inter-provincial Water Issues”
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Research Studies 2013-14
• Six Policy Briefs prepared:
1. Hydro Diplomacy: Trans-boundary Water Issues
between Pakistan and India
2. Hydro Diplomacy: Water Cooperation between
Afghanistan and Pakistan
3. Inter-Provincial Water Cooperation in the Indus
Basin of Pakistan
4. Water for Nature in the Downstream Areas of Indus
Basin of Pakistan
5. Policy Analysis in the Water Sector of Pakistan
6. Institutional Analysis in the Water Sector of
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Pakistan Water Gateway
• Reinvigorated – alternative options prepared
• New Version of Website – developed, installed
and functional
• Infobase – Redesigned and categories of
information developed
• 2001-2013 – 75 Documents including news
• 2013-2014 – 336 Documents Uploaded
• 2013-2014 – 324 Information Themes
• 2014 – Plans to add 700 Additional Documents
• Users’ Blog
• Users’ e-Forum
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Pakistan Water Forum
• Outline prepared
• Decentralized Forum
• Islamabad Chapter - 1
• Provincial Chapters – 4
• Future Expansion to:
• GB
• Islamabad Chapter invitations sent to a select
• Provincial Facilitators are being selected
• Effort is to keep it non-political and nonpartisan
• IUCN will provide secretariat support
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Real-life Pilot Studies
• Six pilot studies initiated during 2013
and will complete in November 2014
• Wastewater management and
• Islamabad – Lok Sanjh
• Mithankot – NFRDF-Help Foundation
• Millat Town, Karachi - NFRDF
• Water productivity in stressed
• Liyyah – SACAN
• Jamshoro – SACAN-RDF
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Real-life Pilot Studies
•Watershed Management and
Groundwater Recharge
• Rawal Watershed – Arokas
• Jhelum Watershed – MurreeJheeka Gali
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Three Interventions
1. Managing
Sewage Odour
2. Management of
3. Safe utilization
by farmers to
grow vegetables
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Islamabad Trail 5 to Azhar Town
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
5. Water Productivity in Stressed
Environments, Layya
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
• Pakistan Water Technology Foresight –
Ministry of Science and Technology
• Inter-Jurisdictional Water Management
Chapter in Book on Federal Rivers
published by Oxford University
• Member International Water Standard
Committee and contributed in Standard
Publication by AWS and many other
• Contributed in Book on Dry Side of Indus
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
• Students from FJ, Bahria and Air University
contacted for Internship
• 13 students submitted request
• Three field studies developed:
• Performance of water filtration units in Islamabad
and Rawalpindi – analysis of water samples –
before and after
• Water supply situation in slum areas of Islamabad
– semi-structured interviews with women
• Water supply situation in CDA Sectors and Bahria
Town – Semi structured interviews
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
• Water Governance in FATA
• Water Challenges and Governance in
FATA – A Study – Full Proposal
Finalized for funding from SDC – In
Principle SDC Agreed on Funding
• IUCN is given the right to bid for the
Project for 2014-2022 – 8 years Project
after the study
• DIV-USAID Proposal submitted on
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
• Watershed Proposal submitted for
ReSource Award
• In-house Concept Discussion Started on
Water Cooperation – Trans-boundary and
Interprovincial – Institutional
Strengthening and Capacity Building
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
“I have learned a lot about
the priorities of very poor
people and the fallacies of
high-sounding slogans”
(John Briscoe, Stockholm
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib
Thank you!
IUCN and Oxfam-Novib

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