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What’s wrong with online
They allow you to demonstrate your lack of knowledge of spelling, grammar and the LOTG
The Original Post
A goalkeeper use his shinguard throw to a
ball, which this ball is obvious goal scoring
opportunity. What's the right decision referee
should do to this GK? This happening in
penalty area.
What'd different will be if the goal are scored
or not?
The first “answer”
Adam Mitchell Throwing an object is an extension of the
hand. So if this was in the PK area, then there cannot be a
send off because he did not handle illegally. You can
show him a caution for Unsporting Behavior (attempting
to circumvent the laws by using artificial implements) and
give an IFK at the point where the shinguard touched the
ball. If the ball entered the goal, then apply advantage
and show the caution once play is stopped. If it did not
score, give the IFK.
The dissenting opinion
Steve Wiggins if he keeps the ball
from scoring it would be an ejection
and a pk.
The wisdom continues
Steve Wiggins that is a good question, Steven, for as
Adam notes throwing an object is considered an
extension of the hands, so technically it can't be for
handling the ball, but he did prevent a goal scoring
opportunity. I guess you can be technically right and do
as Adam and Conner state, but i would err to justice and
go with an ejection and pk and let God sort it out. I'd Just
call it preventing a goal scoring opportunity. Keep
somebody from kicking the goalies ass after play
The one who asked the question ….
Steven Whalen I more like the pk
decision. lol, Steve like you said, we
need a fair game. And God would like
be fair!
And this exchange …
Conner Curnick However we cannot force
something to be fair because we feel like it, all of
our decisions need to be at least based in the
LOTG, and then interpreted and bent from there.
Steve Wiggins I disagree Conner - there is law 18
and letting the goalie get away with such is very
much not in the spirit of the game.
And thn …
Conner Curnick If you sent off a player for this you
would be missing a game critical incident, and
would fail an assessment. You cannot simply make
something up because you feel it is the right thing
to do, when it specifically says the opposite.
Steve Wiggins sometimes you got to take a hit
when you are right.
The logic behind the magic …
Steve Wiggins conner, I care about the game,
and I would justify it under common sense. If you
and the rest of the world disagree, too bad. Just
don't wonder why it would become a common
occurance after the first incidence on tv and
goalies find they can prevent goals at the cost of
a yellow card.
After a lengthy, accurate explanation
based on the LOTG …
Steve Wiggins disagree - law is
wrong in this instance - when
considering common sense and
the spirit of the game.
“Quoting” the Laws
Steve Wiggins well, I am glad we had
this discussion. I have come up with a
solution - violent conduct - for throwing
dangerous objects on the field of play eject the goalie.
Offering “interpretation” of the Laws
Michael Smith If he prevents the ball from entering
“… off.
an obvious
the goal, I vote send
applies to any
act which denies goal-scoring
an obvious opportunity
goal scoring
to an opponent
opportunity and results
in a free moving
kick, either direct
towards the player’s goal
or indirect. If he throws his shin guard or shoe and it
by an offense punishable
denies the goal, results
by a free kick or a
like a DOGSO-F to me!penalty kick"
A GK isn’t “just” a player
Shawaan Daniels Yes Austin he (GK) is
"... denying the opposing
special but theteam
goal or an obvious
shingaurds, that
makes him
also aby
player........the deliberately
same withhandling
the offside
the law, it
doesnt specify
last player
(this second
does not apply
to a
his own as a
be because the
GK is also
penalty area)."
So what’s the answer?
If the ball did not go into the goal:
Caution the GK for unsporting behavior
Restart with an IFK to the opponent at the location where the
shinguard struck the ball
If the ball did go into the goal
Apply Advantage and allow the goal
Caution the GK for unsporting behavior – or give verbal
admonishment if referee chooses
Restart with a kickoff to the GK’s team
Now some random “What ifs ….”
These are not things that are
“likely” to happen. They are
fictional “fact patterns” intended to
generate analysis of the Laws of
the Game
Now some random “What ifs ….”
A player is dribbling toward the goal
and the GK throws a shinguard at the
player, striking the player and disrupting
the play
Now some random “What ifs ….”
A player is dribbling toward the goal
and the GK throws a shinguard at the
player, missing the player and disrupting
the play
Now some random “What ifs ….”
A player is dribbling toward the goal
and the GK throws a shinguard at the
ball, striking the player and disrupting
the play
So what do we do here?

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