Swachh Bharat Mission Kakatiya Stage-II 1x600 MW

Shri M.V. Keshavaraj, AGM, administering the Swachh Shapath
(Cleanliness Oath) by employees of Kakatiya at 09:45 am
Employees listening keenly to AGM’s address on cleanliness, 5S
concepts & importance of systematic approach at all areas of work
both in office & home
AGM communicating GM I/C’s MCM communication to employees of Kakatiya
Cleaning activities by Shri M.V. Keshavaraj, AGM and by employees of BHEL
Kakatiya site
Desk paper cleaning by employees of Kakatiya site
Office look prior to painting
Office look after painting
Office mess before painting and repair works
Office mess after painting and repair works
Site cleaning activities

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