Vestas Wind and State Policy

Overview of Wind and State Policy in Colorado
Colorado Wind Forum
October 8, 2013
Footprint in the U.S. and Canada
Made in the USA
Blades, towers and nacelles
Vestas established four North American
manufacturing facilities in Colorado as
well as other operations to support the
business, including a regional spare
parts and tools warehouse in Denver.
By building and centrally locating its
North American factories, Vestas’
customers, business partners and
suppliers benefit from lower logistical
costs, improved response time and
customized solutions.
Today, over 70% of a Vestas wind
turbine is made domestically. In
addition the factories have exported
components to Mexico, Canada, Brazil
and Europe.
Made in the USA
Vestas Blades America
Vestas operates two blade factories in
Colorado. In 2008, Vestas opened its first
U.S. manufacturing facility in Windsor.
Vestas also has a blade factory in
Brighton that is adjacent to the nacelle
assembly factory.
The factories are adjacent to about 6,200
feet of shared railroad tracks and nearby
major highways to provide transportation
for finished product.
The Windsor factory is equipped to make
blades for the V100 (49m) and V110
(54m) platforms while the Brighton blade
facility produces blades for the V112
(55m) and V117 (57.5m).
Made in the USA
Vestas Nacelles America
Vestas broke ground to construct its nacelle
and hub assembly factory in Brighton in
March 2009. The factory celebrated its grand
opening on July 7, 2010.
The factory is located adjacent to railroad
lines and major highways to provide for easy
Made in the USA
Vestas Towers America
Vestas’ only tower factory globally is in
Pueblo. It opened in 2010 and was designed
with the flexibility to make towers for a variety
of turbine models.
The tower factory has hired more than 200
people in 2013 to meet customer demand
and is expected to be at full capacity
utilization in 2014.
Wind Energy in Colorado
2002: SB180 (Spradley &
2003: SB151 (Phillips), HB1295
(Spradley & Kester)
2004: HB1273 (Spradley &
Madden, Kester)
Late 1990’s
RPS increased
to 20%
CO PUC Decision
on Colorado Green
2008 & 2009
Vestas in Windsor &
RPS legislation
RPS Ballot
RPS increased to
CO PUC approves
wind contract to
save $100M over
25 yrs
DOE Revolution Now The Future Arrives
for Four Clean Energy Technologies.
September, 2013.
AWEA Market Update: Installed Capacity
The Western 11 states:
 18,300 MW of wind
 4 of top 10 wind
states in U.S.
U.S. Wind Project Map
AWEA Market Update: 2013 RFPs
TriState: 100 MW
Xcel: 450 MW
Platte River: 30 MW
Black Hills: 30 MW
>600 MW
>$1B investment
AWEA Market Update: 2013 PPAs
Year to date, we have over
3,600 MW of wind PPAs for
new projects and 1,300 MW of
utility announcements.
State Wind-Eligible Wind Demand Through 2025
Ohio’s RPS is expected to drive the most wind
installations, followed by Illinois, California,
New Jersey, and Colorado. These five states
contain 54% of all expected-wind-to-comply
RPS demand.
 8 western RPS states driving
most of demand for renewables
Beyond Renewable Portfolio Standards
 Result is that renewables close
to load (in-state) being tapped
 Report examines untapped RE
resources in 2025 available for
 Renewables -- without tax
incentives – competitive with
natural gas by 2025
 Net short of 49 terra-watt hours
of new RE needed by 2025
needed to meet RPS demand
August 2013
David Hurlbut, Joyce McClaren & Rachel Gelman
 Assuming 30% capacity factor
= 19,000 new MW of RE by
2025 for RPS
Susan Innis
Senior Manager, Public Affairs
(303) 655-5534
[email protected]
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