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Crime Update
#1- One night many years ago I was on
patrol and observed a vehicle blow
through a red light at a major intersection.
There had been plenty of time to stop, yet the vehicle had not even slowed
down. I stopped the car and asked the young female driver why she had
done that. The girl told me she had just had her brakes repaired, it had
been very expensive, and she DIDN'T WANT TO WEAR THEM DOWN!
Usually I give people a pass if I haven't heard their excuse before, but in
this case she got the ticket
#2- I stopped a car in a rural area of our county for going 80 MPH in a 55
MPH zone. The driver explained that he had a bee flying around his head
so he sped up to 80, hoping that the bee couldn't fly that fast and would
not be able to fly out of the back seat area to get at him.....
#3- Fifth-grade teacher Susan Romanyszyn, 45, was arrested in Bucks
County, Pa., in January and charged with 17 counts of threatening
bombings and gun violence…
… after she was reassigned to teach fourth grade instead.
Precedes Power
3 Nephi
17: 2,3
Elder CS Lewis
I still think the prayer without words is
the best - if one can really achieve
it…To pray successfully without words
one needs to be "at the top of one's
…When the golden moments come,
when God enables one really to pray
without words, who but a fool would
reject the gift? But He does not give it
- anyway not to me - day in, day out.
My mistake was …thinking we can do
always what we can do sometimes....
For me words are...secondary. They are
only an anchor. Or, shall I say, they
are the movements of a conductor's
baton: not the music.
Letters to Malcom, Chiefly about Prayer, p. 11
Tarry Moments
3 Nephi 17
Interesting Sequence…
3 Nephi 17: 12
…they brought their little children and
set them down upon the ground
round about him,
and Jesus stood in the midst…
And … he commanded the multitude that
they should kneel down upon the
Jesus groaned within himself and said:
Father, I am troubled because of the
wickedness of the people of the house
of Israel
…And when he had said these words, he
himself also knelt upon the earth; and
behold he prayed unto the Father…
And as they looked to behold they cast
their eyes towards heaven, and they
saw the heavens open, and they saw
angels descending out of heaven as it
were in the midst of fire; and they
came down and encircled those little
ones about
Ministering Angels
The People
The Children
3 Nephi 17:19,20
We think about all
He does for us;
What is it we do for
3 Nephi 18:5-7

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