Image Map Assignment #3

Image Maps #3
Labeling Prices
Oct 26
• You are a marketing director for Gucci and need to develop a
webpage that reflects your products.
(threads, pants, shirts, ice, cologne, perfume, shades, shoes, bling, etc)
• Create a webpage that has a 3 row / 2 column table
• Put an image map into each
box on the left side and the
prices of the 3 items on
the right.
(This can be done the same
way as your previous image
maps just putting words instead
of pictures in the DIV tags!)
Wool Jacket = $45
belt = $13
leather shoes= $23
Ivory Suit= $45
Cashmere Pant = $13
buttons = $23
Twill blouse = $45
necklace = $13
watch = $23

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