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Main Idea about Divergences
Market Internal Divergences
Breadth Divergences: July 2010
NYSE Breadth Divergences: 30min SPX Dec 2010
SP500 15min Breadth Divs + Elliott Wave Fractal
Volume Divergences
SPY ETF 30min: Volume Divergence (June 2010)
Caveat 1: Stocks that Double WILL Show Divergences
Caveat 2: Volume “Smile” Intraday – SPY Jan 14, 2011
Compare Intraday Volume RELATIVE to Recent Past
NYSE TICK Divergences
TICK Extreme Divergences (SP500 July 2010)
TICK Divergence and Higher TF – 10min Jan 2011
Stepping Inside TICK and Breadth Div: SP500 Jan 19, 2011
Stepping Inside TICK and Breadth Div: SP500 Jan 20, 2011
Intraday TICK Divergences & Kick-Off (July 29)
Concept: Oscillator Divergences
Divergences: Oscillator Indicators to Use
Divergences Compare Neighboring Swings
3/10 MACD Oscillator Construction/Logic
Momentum Divergence
3/10 Momentum Oscillator and End of Bear Market 2009
@DX Daily: Multiple-Swing Divergence and Reversal
Gold Daily Resistance and Divergences
Gold Trade 1: November 10 or 12, 2010
Gold Trade 2: December 7, 2010
Gold Trade 3: January 4, 2011
Higher Timeframe Confluence Level Pre-Flash Crash
Stepping Inside Move DOWN Pre-Flash Crash
Daily SP500 Momentum & “Elliott’s Fractals” + Trendlines
SP500 Current Daily Structure
Divergence Rules:
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