Impressionism in only direct sensation. All great painters were less

Gustave Caillebotte and The
History of Impressionism
By: Tori B.
Story of Impressionism
• “Impressionism in only direct sensation. All great painters were less
or more impressionists. It is mainly a question of instinct.” –Claude
• In 1863 at the official salon, which was an important event of the art
world, many artists were not allowed to be apart of it
• The Salon des Refuses was made to allow the works of artists that
weren’t allowed in the official salon.
• Many works of art included clothed men and nude women at an
afternoon picnic
• By the late 1860s few painters were discovering other painters through
small exhibitions
• The first alternative exhibitions was in 1874 in the studios of
photographer Felix Nadar
• It was until 1887, the third exhibition, that they called themselves
Impressionism Continued
• Mainly focused on realistic drawings such as scenery, bridges,
reflections, and people
• Most people found there style of art unacceptable
• They used smaller brushes, brighter colors, and even
Gustave Caillebotte
Born on Aug. 19 1848, passed away on Feb. 21 1894
Earned his law degree in 1868 and his license to practice it in 1870
He was drafted to fight in Franco-Prussion war
Began studying painting after the war
He set up his first studio in his parent’s house
Attended the first impressionist exhibition of 1874
Made his debut at second exhibition in 1876 with his earliest masterpiece
called The Floor Scraper, this painting was considered vulgar by many
• He enjoyed painting more realistic then others in the group
• He never stuck to one style of painting
• Usually painted domestic and familial scenes, interior, and portraits while
using his own family members
Gustave Continued
• He could afford to paint without the pressure of selling his pieces because
of his inheritance from his family
• He stopped showing art at age 34 and turned to gardening
• He was never married but was known to have carried out an eleven year
relationship with one women
• He ended up dying of pulmonary congestion
Women at a Dressing Table
The Floor Scrapers
(referred to in earlier slide)
Paris Street-Rainy Weather
Yerres Dark Bay Horse In The Stable
Calf’s Head and Ox Tongue
Le Pont De L'Europe
Still Life With Crayfish
Fruit Displayed On A Stand
Young Man Playing The Piano
Self Portrait

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