Engaging Students With Economics

Engaging Students With
Economics: Lessons that Target
Common Core Skills
Presenters: Dr. Jana Kirchner, WKU Faculty
Ms. Jody Glass, WKU Teacher Candidate
STE Summer Conference
June 13, 2014
Session Overview
• Economics content/skills and teaching challenges
• Lessons that integrate economics
o When They Want Blueberries
o Can You Spot The Economics?
o Immigration: Most Everyone Came From
Somewhere Else
o Connections: Common Core & PGES
• Resources for teaching economics
Integrating Economics
• Examining the Standards - What economics content
is required in social studies standards?
• What are the challenges of teaching economics?
Spotting Economics from Africa to Ice
by Martha Hopkins & Suzanne Gallagher
• 15 lessons
• Elementary level
• Integrate economics
concepts with literature
• Spotting Economics
Master Question List
Lesson 6 – Spotting Economics:
When They Want Blueberries
• I want…
• Decisions…
I Want This!
o I really need it!
o I want it!
• Concepts – needs,
wants, choices,
opportunity costs,
• Blueberries for Sal by
Robert McCloskey
Lesson 15 – Spotting Economics:
All Around Us In Stories
Can you spot the economics?
• Read your group’s story. Look for economics
examples. Record them on the magnifying glass.
Use the Master Question List as a guide.
Nobody Owns the Sky by Reeve Lindbergh
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura J. Numeroff
A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban
Fireboat by Maira Kalman
Road Builders by B. G. Hennessy
My Rows and Piles of Coins by Tololwa Mollel
Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall
Peppe the Lamplighter by Elisa Bartone
How to Make an Apple Pie & See the World
by Marjorie Priceman
Adventures in Economics and U.S History
by Suzanne Gallagher and Martha Hopkins
Volume 1 – Colonial
Volume 2 – A Young
Volume 3 – The Twentieth
Immigration: Most Everyone Came
from Somewhere Else
Objectives/Learning Targets:
I can
• identify incentives which motivate immigrants to
come to the U.S.
• explain costs, benefits, and opportunity costs and
how they are reflected in the story of immigration.
Immigration Lesson – Economics
Incentive - Definition? Examples?
Peppe the Lamplighter:
• Write down 5 wishes for you or your family.
Listen for…
• What jobs did Peppe try to get in his neighborhood?
• What are Peppe’s wishes for his family?
• Why was his father not happy?
• What economics concepts do you see in the story?
• Teaching ideas?
The Pilgrims: Surviving in
the New World
Objectives/Learning Targets:
I can
• explain that people need food, shelter, and
clothing to survive.
• give examples of the three types of resources:
human, capital, and natural.
• define scarcity and explain some strategies for
dealing with scarcity.
• Winter is Coming!
Using a T Chart
Our Simulation
What Happened in
Economics Concepts
• Scarcity
• Wants
• Resources:
o Natural
o Capital
o Human
• Opportunity costs
• Specialization
Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall
Objectives/Learning Targets:
• I can describe examples of the Ox-Cart Man
producing and consuming.
• I can explain examples of choices and opportunity
costs in the story.
• Concepts: Tools, Producer, Consumer, Choices,
Opportunity Costs, Investing
Common Core & PGES
• What Common Core standards did you see in these
• Econfun.org - Common Core connections
• Econ Fun Sample Lessons
• How do these lessons reflect PGES domains and
Framework for Teaching-
Professional Growth and Evaluation System (PGES)
Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
Domain 2: The Classroom Environment
•Demonstrating Knowledge of Content
•Creating an Environment of Respect and
and Pedagogy
•Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
•Establishing a Culture for Learning
•Setting Instructional Outcomes
•Managing Classroom Procedures
•Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
•Managing Student Behavior
•Designing Coherent Instruction
•Organizing Physical Space
•Designing Student Assessments
Domain 4: Professional
Domain 3: Instruction
•Reflecting on Teaching
•Communicating with Students
•Maintaining Accurate Records
•Using Questioning and Discussion
•Communicating with Families
•Participating in a Professional
•Engaging Students in Learning
•Using Assessment in Instruction
•Growing and Developing Professionally
REFLECT •Demonstrating Flexibility and
•Showing Professionalism
Resources for Teaching
• Council for Economic Education
• Kentucky Council for Economic Education
• Econ Ed Link
• Econ Fun
Federal Reserve Education
WKU Center for
Economics Education
Contact Information:
Dr. Jana Kirchner
1088 Gary Ransdell Hall
[email protected]
Upcoming Workshop: 9/29 – Economics Through
Children’s Literature

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