PE and Wellness PowerPoint

“Striving to meet the needs of Physical Education
Programs through a cost effective approach”
O State-Wide Efforts Being Made to Improve and Support
Physical Education
O Generalized Needs of PE Departments
O NYSED PE Regulation Mandates and Realities
O Federal Rationale
O Present ideas of PE shared services
O Feedback: Questions, Comments, Challenges
Healthy Schools New York
O One of the goals is provide to improve the
quantity and quality of PE Programs across NYS
O Joint efforts from NYSDOH, NYSED, Federal
O Currently, HSNY Coordinators are working with
88 school districts
O Goal: within 5 years, 1/3 to ½ of the 700+
districts in NYS are to be involved
Healthy Schools New York
Understanding the
Leadership Team
ARRA Grant
Trainer(s) for:
PE and Nutrition
HSNY Contract
Generalized Present Needs
of Physical Education Departments
O Support with PE in General: AD’s are often Directors of
O Support/Opportunities for consistent Professional
O PE Plan Writing and Revising
O Curriculum Mapping
O New Unit Development
O Adapted Physical Education Support
Generalized Present Needs
For Physical Education Departments cont.
O Strategies for efficient and effective Assessment in PE
O Assistance and Support meeting PE Time Mandates
O A Consistent Connection between NYSED and School
O Classroom Management Support
O Variety Equipment/Storage of Equipment
O Budget Constraints
NYSED Mandates and Realities
O Initial and Professional Certificate
holders need 175 PD hours every 5
O APPR: new methods of evaluation and
O 109 out of 700+ NY school districts have
turned PE Plans into NYSED
NYSED Mandates and
O Less than 5% of NYS School Districts are
meeting the time mandates for PE -(NYS
Comptroller’s Report, 2008)
O *K-3 Daily PE
O *4-6 3X/week
O *K-6, 120 min/week
O NYSED has drafted the Active Learning
Document that explains a possible option of how
to come into compliance with PE Regulations
Federal Legislation
O Physical Act to be Introduced Soon:
“As he did in the last Congress, Senator Tom
Udall (D-NM) will soon introduce the Physical
Act, which would designate physical education
and health as core academic subjects.” –
(February, 2011 AAHPERD Advocacy
Did You Know?
*Nassau County BOCES
*Western Suffolk BOCES
*Broome Tioga BOCES
*Southern Westchester BOCES
*These BOCES all have or are currently
developing services supporting Physical
Education, Wellness and Health
Possible OCM BOCES
Services for 2012/2013 School
I : PE and Health Professional Development (PD)
II : Customized On-Site Professional Development
III: PE Kit Creation
I : PE and Health
Professional Development
O Examples of PD for Health and PE Teachers:
Curriculum Development
Best Practices in Student Discipline
PE Plan Development
Introduction of New Units
Focus/Networking Groups
O PD would be developed according to the school
district’s needs
I : PE and Health
Professional Development
Consortium cont.
O 3 Meetings throughout a year for an
Identified Representative from each district
to help with developing, planning and
assessing of PD
O Professional Development would be offered
on Staff Development Days
O Is There a Need?
O Strengths
O Challenges
O Ways to Improve Possible Service
II : Customized
Professional Development (PD)
O Thorough program assessment completed on your PE
O Annual action plans will be created between BOCES
staff and district
O 2 days of Customized PD would then be devoted to
working on assessment, curriculum and/or instruction
O Is There a Need?
O Strengths
O Challenges
O Ways to Improve Possible Service
III: PE Kit Creation
O Develop kits that include a unit plan, necessary
equipment regarding new and upcoming units
O Adapted PE
O School districts rent the kits without having to
purchase and store equipment
O Professional Development supporting kit usage:
O Through technology
O On-site trainings
Group Discussion
& Feedback
O Discuss personal feedback about each of the three
shared service ideas
O PD Consortium
O Customized PE
O PE Kit Program
O As a group, come up with two main pieces of feedback
for each of the ideas above
O Choose a recorder
O Choose a spokesperson who will share 1 piece of
feedback for each service idea above when it’s time for
I. Health and PE Professional
Development Consortium
II. Customized On-Site
Professional Development
III. PE Kit Creation
Inspirational Videos
O 1. Clymer...
O Clymer School, in Chautauqua County, NY has had a morning
jogging program for 5 years now. Currently, about 85% of
elementary students walk or jog every morning that school is in
session! Clymer states their rate of overweight and obese
students is 10% overweight and just 5% obese, far below the
national averages. In comparison, NYSDOH states that 21% of
upstate NY elementary students are obese. This is a very
low/no cost program which increases physical activity and, as
the teachers in the video note, improves the morning
classroom environment because kids show up to class "ready
to learn." - This information was from Lisa Miller's email from
the NYS Heart listserv.
O 2. Naperville, Illinois
End Note
O “If the body is feeble, the mind will not be
-Thomas Jefferson

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