Information Session for
Year 2 BEd/BA, BEd/BSc, Tuesday,
the 19th of October 2010
To develop teaching competencies to achieve the
NSW Institute of Teachers Graduate Teacher
Standards expected of a beginning teacher:
Knowledge of subject
Understanding of students
Ability to plan, assess and report
Ability to communicate effectively with students
Create and maintain a safe and challenging learning
◦ Improving professional knowledge and practice
◦ Engage in profession and the wider community
For further information:
2 placements in 2 different schools and in 2
different systems (government, catholic/other
religions, private)
60 days for:
◦ PE 1, Year 3: 20 days ( 1 week observation, 3 weeks
◦ PE 2, Year 4: 30 days (1 week observation, 5 weeks
◦ APE, Year 3 or 4: 10 days
Dates: 30 May until 24 June
4 weeks
◦ 1 week observation followed by a 3 week teaching block,
teaching one third of the teacher’s load.
Assessment: Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory
Academic Program Coordinators
◦ Have overall responsibility for all academic aspects of Professional Experience
for students in their degree (DipEd, BABEd, BScBEd, BA(Dance)BEd, BMusBEd)
Professional Experience Coordinators
◦ Responsibility for all organizational aspects of Professional Experience. This is
your first point of contact if you need information.
Liaison Visitor
◦ All pre service teachers receive a visit from a university staff member during
their Professional Experience.
School Coordinator
◦ Has responsibility for PE in the school; familiarizing you with the
structure//policies/functions within the school
Supervising Teacher
◦ Responsible for the supervision, mentoring and assessment of pre-service
Pre service teacher
◦ The student teacher, mentee undertaking Professional Experience
Preparation for your PE.
Lectures take place before your placement
◦ The focus is on achievement of the teaching
Required for the full 20 days (8am to 4pm),
for the full school day including time after
school for debriefing with your supervising
teacher. Days missed, must be made up at a
time negotiated with the school.
10 days equivalent. Can be counted in half or full days, or as a total of
50 hours minimum in a school or other educational setting e.g
homework centre
Voluntary in the majority of cases
Direct contact with learners: can be primary aged, secondary or adults
Preferably working in an area other than major teaching area eg acting
as aides in Intensive English Centres, Special Education, primary schools,
providing literacy and numeracy support
Overseas placements possible (at your own cost of travel)
APE is organised through the School of Education and monitored
through an Attendance Diary. Students complete APE during Years 3
and 4 of their combined degrees. Completing the 10 days of APE means
that, with the 50 days spent in schools, you have completed the required
60 days of Professional Experience so can be assessed as Satisfactory in
the Professional Experience.
Can I find my own school?
No, but you can suggest schools and contacts within your enrolment form. The
Professional Experience Unit liaises with all schools and confirms all placements.
What should I do if I’m sick?
Contact your supervising teacher and/or follow the school’s procedure. Complete
a leave of absence form and fax/email to the Professional Experience Office. This
applies for partial and full days absent.
How should I dress?
Smart casual – dress on the conservative side for the first day or two and then
assess the dress code norms in the school
How am I assessed?
Satisfactory or unsatisfactory based on an evaluation report completed by the
supervising teacher, the observation week assignment and demonstrated
professionalism evaluated by both the supervising teacher and the university
What should I do if I’m given too many or not enough classes
to teach?
You should send your timetable to your liaison person. S/he can then assist
with negotiations with your school.
When do I make contact with my school?
Once your placement has been confirmed, contact your supervising teacher
the week before to introduce yourself.
Who should I speak to if I am concerned about my eligibility?
The academic convenors:
Jae Jung ([email protected]) or
Greg Leaney ([email protected])
All Supervising Teachers receive a
Professional Experience handbook before the
placement commences.
Handbooks are available on blackboard for all
pre service teachers and university staff.
The handbook includes all relevant
information, forms and templates.
You will need to complete this form before leaving today.
Please attach a passport size photo.
Step 1:
◦ Fill in ALL your personal details
Step 2 Make sure that you write down the correct Methods
according to the degree you are in. Methods are your subject
Step 3
Enter in the details for the high school that you
attended. We discourage students from attending their
previous high schools because it limits the PE experience…
Any work that you have done in schools, not many students
do have this filled out but at times students may work at a
school for various reasons
Step 4: Tick the Schools that you are willing
to go to
 CEO – Catholic Education Office, DET – Public Education
Preferred Schools are PREFERENCES only. If
you have a contact in a school place the
details on the page
Step 5 Please make sure you tick the right
method of transportation. Record the station
that you are going to start/ finish from
You may need to travel up to 1 ½ hours each
 Step 6 Other information
that is useful
Step 7 Special Consideration can cover a
range of things.
A representative from the Association of
Independent schools will speak to students
about how to register for jobs at independent
schools and job opportunities in the private
This Thursday at 12 in the Mathews Theatre
Aisha Pruze (Monday – Friday)
◦ Tel No. (+61 2) 9385 1950
Fax No. (+61 2) 9662 7314
Liz Maxwell (Monday and Tuesday)
Tel No (+61 2) 9385 8507
Fax (as above)
Email: [email protected]
We will contact you via email/blackboard with all updated
information. You can also check the notice board outside the office
(GoodSell Rm 138)
Please email the office if you would like to arrange a
consultation time.

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