Physical Education for parents evening

Physical Education
in Baldragon Academy
Our Facilities
• 2 Gyms
• Swimming Pool
• Fitness Suite
• Table Tennis Area
• Large Playing Fields
• 3 Tennis Courts
What is our aim in the Baldragon PE department (s1-3)?
• to develop an interest in physical activity and sport-both in and out of school
• to provide extra-curricular opportunities for our pupils in a range of sporting
• to develop the significant aspects of learning
Cognitive skills, Physical Competencies, Personal Qualities, Physical Fitness
• for pupils to enjoy themselves whilst they learn
Special Achievements
Dundee Active Schools Sports School of the Year
2012-13, 2013-14
Dundee Schools Competition Calendar Champions
2012, 2013
Approximately 35 individual event wins in the last 3 years.
Trophies that Baldragon Academy won last year are on display.
Please pick them up and have a look!
Our Extra-Curricular Structure
During class time, pupils are encouraged to attend lunch time clubs for
a variety of activities.
From there, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in the many
after school clubs that are organised throughout Dundee.
Baldragon have consistently participated in more extra-curricular
competitions than any other school in the city.
Additional opportunities for pupils is very important to us.
PE in the broad general education
• In s1-2 pupils will be participating in a wide range of activities. The list below
is typical of what will be covered by any one pupil in s1-2.
• Volleyball, Rugby, Athletics, Swimming, Waterpolo, Handball, Gymnastics,
Basketball, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Unihoc, Cross Country Running.
• Through these activities pupils will be developing their Cognitive skills,
Physical Competencies, Personal Qualities and/or Physical Fitness. These 4
concepts are recognised as the Significant Aspects of Learning in PE.
• Pupils will learn about these concepts and will be exposed to many
experiences and outcomes from Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and
Dundee Schools Cross Country
We are very proud to say that our school always put a full squad of 70 pupils into
the Dundee Schools Cross Country Competition. Due to this commitment from
staff and our cross country programme, we have improved our results every year
for the last 6 years and are now regularly winning team and individual honours.
Last year, 4 of our 7 teams returned with team medals and 5 of our pupils won
individual medals.
Our s2 boys team from last year have won gold in the team trophy in s1 and s2.
This year, 7 of our pupils will be going forward on November 8th to represent
Baldragon Academy in the Scottish Schools Road Run in Falkirk.
Dundee Schools Athletics
Every year, Caird Park plays host to the Dundee Schools Athletics competition where every
school in Dundee enters their best athletes. Like the Cross Country, we are committed to
having full teams go forward for these events so that our pupils can showcase their talents
and have an opportunity for success.
For the past 7 years we have increased our medal haul and we are always looking to
improve on this.
In the past 2 years in particular we have seen a big increase in the number of pupils joining
the Hawkhill Harriers Athletics club to develop their talents further.
Giant Heptathlon
• In 2007, Baldragon Academy entered the Giant Heptathlon competiton
and finished last out of nine schools.
• In the years to follow we have risen from 9th to 7th to 5th and in the last 5
years have won the competition on 4 occasions.
• As a result of this we have been to the regional finals and in 2011 made it
to the Scottish Finals.
• Baldragon Academy is making a good name for itself.
After School Competitions
There are typically 3 competitions every single week for various age groups
that are hosted in schools in Dundee as part of the Active Schools
Competition Calendar.
The competitions include basketball, volleyball, waterpolo, dance, hockey,
badminton, archery, football, rugby, table-tennis, netball, golf and there are a
few more!
Most of these are available at s1-3 and s4-6 level for boys and girls whilst
some competitions are mixed.
We have had a great level of success in these competitions in recent years as
our pupils have demonstrated their ability for the whole city to see.
PE as a certificated subject
Although it may seem like a long way away, it is important to recognise what
a school has to offer in terms of qualifications.
• After s1/2 pupils will be given the opportunity to select PE as an elective
where they will receive a further 2 periods of PE on top of their ‘core PE’ time.
This elective is used as excellent preparation for s4 and onwards where pupils
will start to be presented for SQA qualifications.
• If PE is selected in s4, 4 additional periods will be given on top of the2 ‘core’
periods. In s5/6, an additional 5 periods will be given.
• We currently offer National 3, National 4, National 5 and Higher Grade PE and
will be considering Advanced Higher as an option from next year.
All of these courses reflect on and assess a pupils’ ability to gather information,
analyse data, create a development programme, review and monitor their
programme and to evaluate that whole process. This relates very closely to
MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL and PHYSICAL factors that impact on a
persons performance.
Sports Leaders
3 years ago we started a nationally recognised Sports Leader programme to
further develop the talents of our pupils in s5/6.
In our first year, 40 pupils participated in the Sports Leader level 1 award
Recognising its success we progressed onto the level 2 award which we
continue to teach today. Our pupils are timetabled into their Sports Leader class
for 2 periods per week.
This is part of the school’s enrichment programme which enables the children
to access a wide range of learning experiences.
Our Sports Leaders work alongside staff to provide clubs for younger pupils at
lunch time and then assist at after school competitions. This structure benefits
all of our pupils as we aim to create additional opportunities for our kids.
Young Ambassadors

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