Active Academy Meeting Powerpoint July 2013

Partnership Meeting
First Schools
July 2013
Today we will go through:
Key information about school sport partnership
work for next year.
Specific details about your service level
The school games
NEW ‘bolt on’ offers of support for your school
School Sport Partnership
Where are we now?
Chadsgrove & South have joined forces to
deliver the Service Level Agreements to your
We have a new name and a new look!
Chadsgrove and South have invested money
to create a stronger team of specialist PE
teachers based at South and Chadsgrove
You are a key partner to making this work
Staffing Structure
Strategic Management Team
Liz Morgan Paul Farr Dave Bayliss
Caroline Sidell / Tracey Freer
Link Teachers
Carina Taylor
Jo Bridegman
North Bromsgrove:
Mike Mountford
Stacey Billingham
Matt Weston
Dave Bayliss
Jake John
Natalie Smith
Middle School Teacher Release
Dave Hewitt
Aston Fields:
St. Johns:
Jayne Stenning
All Active Academy South Team:
Staff will be able to buy kit to wear in schools and at events. I
am currently seeking sponsorship for this so if you have any
contacts within companies then please let me know!
Calendar of events
Training days
Send your
information to
Caroline Sidell to be
uploaded onto the
website 
Service Level Agreements
Specific Details
Service Level Agreement Details
Membership to North 
Worcestershire School
Games Network
(hosted at Chadsgrove 
Access to all opportunities outlined in
this Network School Agreement
Centralised calendar of opportunities
Collaboration and economies of scale
Support from a Teacher Release to aid
the development of PE and sport in
your school
Needs led support for First & Primary
Local (not national) issues addressed
Sharing of Best Practice and Resources
First and Primary
Schools linked with a
designated Middle
and High School and
affiliation to a Family
of Schools.
Specific Details
Shared resources and skills
As a partnership we can buy in
cheaper rates for resources /
From PE co-ordinator meetings
and uploaded onto the Active
Academy website
Each school will be assigned a
specialist PE teacher from South
and a middle school teacher
Each school is entitled to one
‘needs led’ support for the year
totalling 6 hours. You can choose
the area you want to focus on
and the format of your support.
E.g. Leadership, SEN, numeracy
through PE etc.
Formats can be entirely up to you
e.g. 1 full day, 1 hour every week
for 6 weeks or 1 hour every half
term for the year.
Service Level Agreement Details
Access to
local festivals
Access to
OSHL support
and delivery 
Development of intra- and inter- school
Access to School Games Festivals (one per
half term)
Access to Family Transition Sport Festival
(Spring term)
Coordination & delivery of Change4Life Sport 
Clubs (Block of 5 sessions; 1 per term)
Coaching opportunities via national
governing bodies of sport (minimum of 2
sessions; 1 per term)
Subsidised Health & Wellbeing coaching
offer via Local Authority Sport Development
Unit with Education focus and outcomes
Resources to support OSHL
Inter school competitions and festivals are
featured on the competitions calendar
You can use your link teachers from the Active
Academy (south / middle schools) to support you
in developing intra school competitions and to
plan a transition sport festival.
You can access sports leaders, knowledge of
running events, formats and templates etc.
Tracey has been co-ordinating
Change4Life. This is organised through
Matt Hartles at Bromsgrove and Redditch
District Council.
You will have access to a number of
coaching opportunities throughout the
year which will be sent through to you.
Health & Wellbeing offers will be
promoted through email to you.
Resources can be accessed at partnership
meetings, on the website and on request
through your link teachers.
Service Level Agreement Details
Access to locally
delivered CPD
linked to PE and
School Sport.113
Access to
Primary Schools to 
access Young
Leaders in Middle
and High Schools
to support with
PE & school sport training courses (1 day; 1
per term)
Needs led CPD via specialist PE teachers (5
sessions to run termly)
Access to targeted support session for staff
working with pupils with SEN and
disabilities to enable delivery of
SmartMoves (5 hour course, including
supporting resources)
1-2-1 support from School Games
Support & guidance around monitoring &
evaluating in line with national criteria
Leadership training programme (annual
cluster/family training to train pupils as
play-leaders – 4 sessions)
Training for Lunchtime Supervisors (one
Sports Days
Training will be Gym, Dance, OAA and
Tennis. These will be organised and
sent out to you.
Chadsgrove will be delivering your
needs let CPD which will be centrally
co-ordinated on your request.
Chadsgrove will deliver a SmartMoves
course which will be promoted to you
via email.
C. Sidell will be the SGO contact for all
support enquiries.
You will be given a system for
monitoring and evaluating your sport
premium along with a budget sheet.
This will be promoted to you
throughout the year.
You can contact C. Sidell or your link
teachers in the middle and high
schools to access leaders to support
with events.
Service Level Agreement Details
Schools to
receive any
developed and
owned by the
School Games
Inclusion and
benefit from any
secured by the
School Games
Change4Life Equipment Packs
Top Sportsability Equipment
Packs (Boccia, Goalball, Sitting
Volleyball, Polybat, Table Cricket,
Inclusive Zone Basketball, Tee Ball 
& Bean Bag Games)
Multi skills packs
Sport Wheelchairs
Table tennis tables
Banners & signs for dressing
Schemes of Work
Along with advice and support on 
any funding applications
completed by the school linked to
school sport
All equipment is stored at
Chadsgrove and is available
to loan out to your school
on request.
Schemes of work will be
worked upon and
developed throughout the
year for you to access and
You will be supported in
completing applications
through the Caroline Sidell
or Liz Morgan at
Service Level Agreement Details
Access to support to achieve
the Sainsbury’s School
Games Kitemark (nationally
awarded mark for schools in
Access to a list of
Community Clubs (vetted by
the School Games Network
and Local Authority) for you
to signpost young people
Access to a list of Sports
Coaches and Organisations
that meet the minimum
operating standards
established by the School
Games Network and Local
Carina Taylor at Chadsgrove
will be offering support and
drop in session to support
you through the process of
achieving the kitemark
Local club booklet
 This will be emailed to
produced and distributed
to each family of schools
National Governing
Bodies of sport
Bromsgrove District &
Redditch Borough
Council coaches
Local club coaches
This will be emailed to
Service Level Agreement Details
Access to best
practice using PE and
School Sport to raise
whole school
standards and
Access to locally
organised provision
for Gifted and
Talented pupils.
Access to locally
organised provision
for pupils with SEN
 Attendance
 Behaviour
 Attainment
 Information will be emailed out
to you on each of these aspects
on a termly basis. They will
include good practice casestudies and featured on the
 Access to annual  This event will be organised
G & T event
and promoted to you. If you
would like input into the
organisation of it then contact
C. Sidell or your link teacher.
 Access to
 These are all on the calendar
Inclusion events
and will be organised through
Carina from Chadsgrove School.
Bolt on Offers
In September we
will be offering
you additional
levels of support
in different areas
with costs
attached to them.
Bolt on Offers
Offers will include specialist
support on various aspects you
may want to enhance in your
For example:
• Students’ confidence, physical
development and relationships
• Learning for pupils with SEN
and/or disabilities
• Pupils’ adopting healthy lifestyles/
tackling obesity
• Leadership through PE & whole
• Numeracy through PE
• Teaching High Quality Physical
Education lessons
• Using PE to Improve attainment,
achievement and attendance
Information we need from you…
Contact details
Needs area of support
Activity areas for intra-school
Bolt-on offer ideas
Any Questions?

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