PE kit consultation - Holy Cross Catholic High School

Holy Cross Catholic High School
New PE Kit
November 2014
PE Kit Consultation
Holy Cross is proposing to change the school PE kit
from September 2015
We are consulting governors, pupils, staff and
parents about designs for the new kit, prices and
reasons for the change
We are asking for your suggestions and comments
Please look over the following slides which explain
the reasons for the change, design ideas and new
Details on how to respond are at the end of this
power point
Why do we need a new kit?
• School Council feedback states that our pupils
think the school PE kit is out-of-date in
comparison to other local high schools
• Feedback from Parent Questionnaires query
the durability and smartness of the current kit
• In comparison to other local high schools, our
school kit appears to lack smartness, modern
breathable fabric and value for money
The Proposal
• Holy Cross plans to change its school PE kit in
September 2015
• New intake September 2015 must purchase the new kit
• We propose to print initials on kit items to return lost
kits more easily. The price will be included in the
overall cost
• Pupils in Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 have the option to
purchase the new kit
• GCSE PE pupils have the opportunity to purchase a
different PE top in Year 10
• We anticipate the old kit will be phased out over three
Girls PE Kit – new design
Boys PE Kit – new design
Kit Cost
Girls’ New kit
Girls polo: £16.45
£ 6.99
Polar fleece: £16.99
Boys’ New kit
Polo top: £16.45
Rugby top: £20.75
£ 6.99
Total price: £ 53.38
Total price: £ 57.14
(prices includes printed initials on polos/shorts &
socks woven with Holy Cross)
(prices includes printed initials on polos/rugby/shorts
& socks woven with Holy Cross)
Things to consider
• Do you like the design? Could anything else be
added or taken away?
• What do you think about having printed
initials on the kit?
• Do you like the colour scheme?
• How should the HC look on the shorts – a logo
or school initials?
Ways to Respond
Pupil response will be gathered through a
suggestions box in the main reception which
displays actual samples of the kit (parents are
most welcome to come into school to look at
Parents, Staff and Governors please reply to
[email protected]
December 2014

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