P.E. Rules & Procedures

Frank Augustus Miller Middle School
The locker room is like a home for you
and for us. We will keep it clean. Our
restrooms will be clean and free of
paper on the floor. It will be graffiti
free. It will be a safe place. It will be
a relatively quiet place. We will give
you plenty of opportunities to have
fun and be energetic outside during
your PE class.
PE Area includes everywhere past the metal
gates, gym, locker rooms, PE classroom,
courts, and field.
Food, drinks, and electronic devices are not
allowed in the PE Area.
You are tardy if you are not in the locker
room when the bell rings.
Do not go behind the gym before or after
class. (Only students that have class in room
516 are allowed behind the gym)
Do not knock, kick, or bang on the locker
room doors.
Do not enter any PE facility (locker room,
gym, classroom…) without a teacher.
If the locker room doors have been left open
by a teacher you may enter to get dressed.
Enter in an orderly fashion – No playing
around, pushing, running, yelling, singing, or
Read the white board everyday.
Enter and immediately go to your locker to
dress. (Change before using restroom)
Wash your hands after using restroom.
After dressing out you need to go sit on your
roll call number.
After class you must line up single file to
enter the locker room.
After class you may get water, but will need
to go to the end of the line.
You must be out of the locker room before
the bell rings to go to class.
When exiting the locker room after class,
NEVER go through the gym.
You must stand inside the gated PE area and
wait for the bell to ring before going to your
next class.
If you have lunch after class, you must walk
around the planters.
The locker room is for dressing and using the
restroom only.
Once you leave the locker room you may not
go back inside to use the restroom.
We will only switch locks or locker if there is a
serious problem.
See a PE teacher immediately if you are
having problems in the locker room. (lock,
locker, other student, etc.)
Always knock and wait to be acknowledged
before entering the PE office.
Lost and found for PE is in our office. If you
find something please return it to a PE
teacher. If you lose something please check
with a PE teacher immediately.
You may not personalize or decorate your
lock or locker.
Your small locker is for storing your PE
clothes over night only. (no books,
instruments, etc.)
No banging, kicking, or slamming lockers.
Your lock belongs to the school. You will pay
for a new lock if it is lost or damaged.
No aerosol, glass, or mirrors allowed in the
locker room.
Report any accidents or spills to a teacher
Locker room is only accessible to you during
your PE period.
Locker room is closed before and after
Do not change in the restroom.
Change directly in front of your locker.
Do not stand on the bench.
There will be consequences if you are found
in the wrong row.
Keep your eyes on your belongings at all
times while dressing.
Put your backpack in your big locker.
Open your little locker.
As you remove your school clothes, put
them in your big locker.
Put on your PE clothes.
Make sure nothing is hanging out of your
locker before closing it.
Close both lockers and make sure your lock
is locked.
Check the bench and floor around you
before leaving.
Double check your lock and locker every
time you finishing dressing before and after
DO NOT layer PE clothes over school clothes.
You must wear your PE uniforms under your
You may only wear sweats when it says so on
the whiteboard.
If you forget your PE uniform you must get
loaners – It is not optional.
You must wear your own PE clothes. You may
not share or borrow clothes from a friend.
You may not wear PE clothes to other classes.
No milling around. Once you are dressed go
outside immediately.
Most back packs will fit in the big locker. If
yours does not, try taking some items out
before asking a PE teacher for help.
If your lock is turned around, there was a
problem, see a teacher immediately.
Lock things of value in your locker. The PE
department, FAMMS, and RUSD are not
responsible for lost or stolen items.
Make sure you clean your shoes off before
entering the locker room.
You may ONLY take your PE clothes home on
Fridays to wash. Make sure to bring them
back on Monday.
Make arrangements to get into the locker
room for make-ups.
You have 5 minutes to get to the locker room
for make-ups from when the bell rings after
Line up at the PE office door.
You must have your ID card.
Return loaners to PE office at the end of class.
Excessive use of loaners will result in
consequences. (lower grade, detentions,
referrals, etc…)
Take care of yourself.
Take care of each other.
Take care of the school.

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