Step-by-step ODE Physical Education online guide

Physical Education Department
Download documents
• Click On Columbus City Schools website to
download all documents that are needed:
• ODE PE Assessment Tools
Download Appropriate Documents
When Needed
ODE PE DATA SHEETS K-12 (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12)
ODE Booklets K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12Assessment tool to collect assessment
ODE Clipboard Data Sheets (K-12) One sheet with all benchmarks and
standards to place on your clipboard.
Cutting and Pasting from Infinite Campus to the ODE data sheet How to cut
and paste class rosters into assessment sheets
Physical Education Evaluation Instrument with Rubrics Detailed information
on how to assess all 6 Standards and the 12 Benchmarks.
Physical Education Evaluation Instrument
Detailed information on how to assess all 6 standards and 12 benchmarks.
It is recommended that each teacher reads their appropriate grade band(s)
to ensure they know how to assess each benchmark.
First Step is to download the Assessment booklets for
appropriate grade band and start collecting data.
These are intended to be used by the teacher and individual
student to help with collecting the data.
Rubric Booklets K-12
What to do with the assessment data
• Download the appropriate grade band assessment
tool. (i.e., Ohio Physical Education Evaluation Grade
• Teachers must enter student’s names into the grade
band assessment tool.
• Download Cutting and Pasting from Infinite Campus
to Excel data sheets and follow the instructions on
the copy and paste procedure to get all your
students into the Excel Spreadsheet grade band
assessment tool.
Tips for coping names or entering
• Ensure your Excel Sheet is maximized like
below so that you can view all the sheets at
the bottom of the Spreadsheet.
• Once your screen is maximized you will see
Data sheets at the bottom of the page.
Now you are ready for names to be
entered or typed.
• Our recommendation is to place all student names
from all the same grade level into one spreadsheet.
• If you have two classes of 5th graders they should be
in alpha order in the first class and then on the same
document the second class at the end of the first
• So if you have two 2nd grade classes and two 5th grade
classes you should have two separate files separating
only the grade band.
• If you have two different schools with two 2nd and
two 5th grade classes you would have 4 files total.
Cutting and Pasting Student Names
• Click on the following document to assist you
with coping and pasting student names into
the evaluation spreadsheet:
Cutting and Pasting from Infinite Campus to Excel Data
• Have both, Infinite Campus and Specific Grade Band
Excel Data Spreadsheet e.g.,
ODE Excel Data Sheets
Cutting and Pasting Student Names cont.
• To copy class lists from Infinite Campus to ODE
eval. spreadsheets, you will need to do the
• log on through the CCS webpage; staff page;
Sign ONS (use your CCS email and password to
log into Infinite Campus)
• In the top gray bar, choose the school and class
you want to work with.
• In the left hand column, choose the
“Reports” link directly under the “Admin”
Open a “Blank Spreadsheet” and
“Generate Report”
Cutting and Pasting Student Names cont.
• Once you have generated your blank spreadsheet, you
will be able to copy and paste the student names from
Infinite Campus into your ODE Data Sheets .
(Highlight the list of student names and copy them.
Then paste them into your ODE workbook.)
• At this point, you will need to have your ODE Data
Sheets spreadsheet opened. You will need to be on
Standard 1, Benchmark A to enter names. By entering
them here, the names will automatically be on every
worksheet (standards page) in the file.
• Computer short cuts:
ctrl + c
ctrl + v
ctrl + z
Naming Documents and Saving
• Name each document,
– e.g., Maize_2nd.docx , Maize_5th.docx,
N.Lind_2nd.docx, and N.Lind_5th.docx
• Save all files on your storage drive that you
received in PD.
• Continuously save your documents when
working on them, so that you will not lose
your data.
Fitnessgram Testing
• You do not any special training to conduct the
fitnessgram assessment for Standard 4A for
grade bands 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
• The areas that you need to assess are, pushups, curl-ups, pacer or one mile run, and sit &
• Students receive a 1 or a 3 for standards 4A.
If they were in the healthy fitness zone or
Pacer Run Charts
• Use this form to convert Pacer Laps into the
Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) score for a small
gym in Elementary Schools: 15 Meter Pacer
• Use this form to convert Pacer Laps into the
Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) score for a Large
gym in Middle and High Schools: 20 Meter
Pacer Chart
Boys HFZ
Girls HFZ
How to make Sit and Reach boxes
This assessment requires a sturdy box
approximately 12 inches high. A measuring scale is
placed on top of the box with the 9-inch mark
parallel to the face of the box against which the
student’s foot will rest. The “zero” end of the ruler
is nearest the student. However, a wooden or
cardboard box and yardstick will suffice. Tape the
yardstick to the top of the box with the 9-inch
mark at the nearest edge of the box. The “zero”
end of the yardstick is nearest the student.
Recording data on the
ODE Data Sheets.
• Just enter data scores based off of what you recorded during
your assessment.
• Follow directions that are provided within the spreadsheet
at the top of the sheet. Read below example
• Remember if student refuses to participate they receive a 0.
• We can have blanks in the spreadsheet to have good data for
your school. Leave it blank if they miss the assessment by
being absent.
Thank you!
If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact Don Cain at
[email protected]
Wk: 365-6681 x3073

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