How to use 3-feet tracking tool?

What is “3-feet tracking tool”?
10,000 feet level
1,000 feet level
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3-feet tracking tool is an
excel based simple tool
that serves 2 objectives
▪ To track the
deliverables and
update information on
their implementation
status at 3-feet level
▪ To report progress at
higher level as a
3 feet level
It consists of 3 sheets
1▪ Initiative Dashboard
(10,000 feet)
2▪ Sub-initiative
(1,000 feet)
3▪ Activity tracking
(3-feet level)
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How to use “3-feet tracking tool”? (1/3)
The status is reported automatically, based on information entered to the Activity tracking sheet
Initiative Dashboard provides 3 insights regarding each initiative at high level(e.g., 17 in education NKRA)
– “% of progress compared to TOTAL”: The percentage shows percentage of 3-feet activities completed as of today,
compared to ALL activities within that initiative (equals 100% only if initiative is completed)
– “% of progress compared to TODAY”: The percentage shows percentage of 3-feet activities completed as of today,
compared to activities that should have been completed as of today (equals 100% if on track)
– “STATUS TODAY”: Similar to previous information, reflects the status of implementation as of today, compared to plan.
An initiative can be marked as
▫ COMPLETED: If all activities are finalized
▫ ONGOING: If activities are on track, and there are still activities to be completed
▫ DELAYED: If any of the activities have either not started or not completed on time
▫ In future: If all activities are expected to be conducted in future according to the plan
Sub-initiative Dashboard provides only STATUS info, as described above, at a more granular level of information (e.g., 86
sub-activities in education NKRA)
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Both the Initiative Dashboard (10,000 feet) and Sub-initiative Dashboard (1,000 feet) are sheets that shows status of
progress at initiative and sub-initiative level respectively
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How to use “3-feet tracking tool”? (2/3)
Activity tracking is the most granular and input extensive part of the 3-feet tracking tool
First function of the sheet is to supply all necessary information regarding 3-feet plans for the sector. The corresponding
columns that give that information are:
– Initiative
– Responsible name
– Sub-initiative
– Planned end date
– Activity
– Planned start date
– Responsible institution
– Length
– Responsible position
This part of the tool can be updated only with mutual agreement between MDU and PDB (White and Orange cells)
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Second function of the sheet is to serve as the tracking tool for status of implementation at 3-feet level. The corresponding
columns that should be used for this purpose are
– Filled person
– Actual start date
– Action
– Actual end date
First 2 columns should be filled regularly, once the activities are started or completed. For this person, user should enter
date for start and end of the activity. If an activity has not started or finished, corresponding cell should be left as “-”. The
user who fills the information should record his/her info to the 3rd column. (Yellow cells) Last column gives the action
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How to use “3-feet tracking tool”? (3/3)
Action: Message
on required
action for each
Implementation status:
Information on actual
status of the
Check this part to follow
the plan. Can be updated
only with approval of PDB
Fill this information regularly to
reflect status: Enter date if
started or completed an action,
leave as “-” otherwise. Enter
your own name for records
Track this column to see
initiatives to column. If an
initiative is RED (either “start
action” or “complete action”) it
needs urgent focus
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3-feet implementation plan: Information on
required activities under each initiatives,
responsible parties and planned dates for
start and finish
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