sportscotland School Sport Award PowerPoint presentation.

What is the School Sport Award?
A new national Award scheme for physical
education and school sport that will:
• Recognise and celebrate successful PE & school
sport models
• Encourage schools to self reflect and continuously
• Put young people at the forefront of the
decision making, planning and implementation
What are the main aims of the Award?
• To help schools to increase young people’s
opportunities and engagement in PE &
school sport
• To help schools to put PE & school sport at
the heart of their planning, practice and
Core areas of the
School Sport Award
How does the Award work?
1. Set up a school sport committee
2. Register your school on the
School Sport Award website
How does the Award work?
3. Complete the online self
4. Assessment results will highlight
areas for improvement
How does the Award work?
5. Use results to inform and
complete a development plan
6. Deliver the actions identified in
your development plan
How does the Award work?
7. Once identified improvements
have been made schools can reassess to see if their score has
School can duplicate previous assessments so they only
have to update answers to questions relating to the areas
they have improved.
Schools can complete as many assessments as they want
and only the score from their last completed assessment
before the Award closes in May will count for that year.
How does the Award work?
8. Once a school has achieved a
score of over 75% and are meeting
the national PE target they can
apply for a Gold Award.
How does the Award work?
9. Schools that proceed with a Gold Award
application will be asked to:
Upload evidence against each core area
Get the pupil chair of their sport committee to
provide a supporting statement for each core
Submit their completed development plan
10. Gold applications will be externally
assessed and successful schools will be
awarded a Gold School Sport Award.
How to get your school involved
Your school can register via:
The 2014/15 sportscotland School Sport Award closes:
15th May 2015
2014/15 Gold School Sport Awards will be presented to
successful schools: June 2015
Go for Gold!
• To find out more about the sportscotland School
Sport Award go to:
• Or speak to your Active Schools coordinator or PE
Lead Officer.
• Please tweet about the great things your school is
doing across PE and school sport;

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