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Millenium 3 Virtual Display Application
September 2012
Millenium 3 Virtual Display
Frequently Asked Question
Virtual Display
Bluetooth® connection
What is the Bluetooth pairing code between my M3 and my
During the first Bluetooth connection between a Millenium and a Smartphone, you
will need the following code: 6633
Virtual Display
Bluetooth® connection
After a search for Bluetooth® devices, I can not find my Millenium 3,
The Bluetooth connection between M3 and smartphone is established through a
protocol called SPP. On certain smartphones it is not implemented (you can not do
anything), on other types it is not activated (mostly HTC). If so, follow these steps:
1. Download and install the SENA Bterm application
2. Click on “Menu”
3. Click on “Bluetooth® Management”
4. Click on “Connect To”
5. Enter the MAC address of the Bluetooth® dongle
Virtual Display
How can I protect my Millenium 3 from unwanted access by
Millenium 3 Virtual Display?
The Millennium 3 Virtual Display exactly reproduces the functions of the
Millennium 3 HMI. To protect access, you can use these two complementary
• Access to the “Parameters" menu on the front of the controller may be restricted
using the program configuration settings
• The programmer can block the display menu by password, using one or more
NUM function blocks that can be edited from the controller front panel
Virtual Display
Differentiate M3 Bluetooth® dongles
How to differentiate multiple Bluetooth® dongles?
All Bluetooth dongles for Millenium 3 have the same name i.e. Millenium 3.
To differentiate dongles:
• The Mac address indicated on the dongle is the main element of differentiation
between them.
• The application in the menu "disconnect device and change" allows renaming
the dongle: a long click on its name ("Millenium 3" by default) opens the editing
Virtual Display

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