Our Presentation

Rediscover and Celebrating Liberia’s Beauty”
“Our focus will be, to not only promote the unique beauty of Liberian
women but to also showcase the beauty within and that which
surrounds us that has always made us uniquely Liberian”.
Beauty Within
• Liberia's wealth is underlying simply yet breathtaking. From our landscapes
to its vast resources to the beauty of its people inside and out. Hardship
and misguided measures can allow us to lose sight of the treasures we
• 11 Stripes wants you to journey with us as we work together to unearth,
rediscover the beauty within our borders but most especially the beauty
within the Liberian woman.
• In celebrating our history, our unity, our diversity, we will highlight the
hopes and great promise that inspire our people day to day. We will search
for that which reinforces our hopes and express our shared values to
strengthen national consciousness, patriotism, promote women, and youth
Pageant Date and Venue – December 2014
Executive Pavilion
Centennial Pavilion
Seating Capacity – 800
Additional seating – 0
Dressing room
Pre-cocktail area- construction
Broken stage
Seating Capacity – 700
Additional seating – 300-construction
Dressing room
Pre-cocktail area- outside
Central stage
• Moratorium
Who are we?
Eleven Stripes was founded by a group of
accomplished women who answered the call to
civic duty. We know that there is a need to
build the capacity of Liberians. We also know
that there are Liberians who need help in being
promoted, trained and marketed etc. True to
our motto “promoting Liberians to move
Liberia forward”, we do not exclude any
Liberian; we promote ALL positive, forward
thinking, and progressive Liberians no matter
their area of discipline.
11 Stripes is a company focused on promoting
social, political, grassroots, individuals, entities
or organizations in an effort to strategically put
Liberia in the right direction. We are an all
Liberian women company.
One of our goals within 11 stripes is to promote
nationalism and pride in our great nation its
people and our abilities.
“Promoting Liberians to move Liberia forward”
Our Stripes……
Sangai H.Brisbane - Shines Solutions,Inc and Brisco,Inc.(Brisco Natural Coffee)
Elizabeth Zayzay – Ezico Business Center
Kortoe Sasso – Stiles Salon and Beauty Supply Store
Maima Metzger- Maletcou Real Estate Company
Bendu R. Johnson - BJ Cleaning Services and Taste of Monrovia
Shelly L. Tweh - Graduate UMU
Lue M. Perkins-Garnett – Beyond the Mirror Foundation
Rosemarie S. Tolbert - Clinton - Ro-Zi’s Inc.
Antoinette Melton – Kafam Catering Services and Spices House
Sophia Barbara Vah-Ogunti – BAM Caterers
Laura Wondeyee - Entrepreneur
What's the difference?
• Educate , educate, educate our Queens
History of pageants
History of Liberia
History of counties/county development issues/resources
Educational Campaign:
• Provide tools to become exposed to art of :
• Speaking/communications
• Poise etiquette
• Hype/Momentum
• Maintain information through sms, text messages, social media, print media, radio and TV.
• Ownership and promoting Liberians
• work with all Liberians, our government entities, the private public sector and our private citizens
to ensure that all Liberians will be involved on various levels and educated in the events and
activities leading up to the Pageant so that we all can take ownership of this momentous event.
• Event Production and Programming
• Design
• Time factor
• Entertainment
How do we plan on doing this?
Out and about
Re-branding Miss Liberia Franchise
Social media
Educational Initiative campaign for contestants
Miss Liberia is a national beauty pageant for young Liberian in Liberia to compete at Miss World pageant.
Miss Liberia pageant identified for first time held in 1962. The pageant sponsored by Ministry of Information,
Culture and Tourism (MICAT). Traditionally, the winner will represent Liberia at Miss World pageant. In 1974 - 1977
the winner represented the country at Miss Universe pageant. This pageant is not related to Miss Liberia U.S.A
2014 TBD Miss World 2014 TBD TBD
2012 Leda Knowlden Did not compete
2010 Meenakshi Monica Subramani Miss World 2011 Unplaced
2009 Shu-rina Rosie Wiah Miss World 2009 Unplaced
2006 Patrice Daiemole Juah Miss World 2006 Unplaced
2005 Snoti Muna Forh Miss World 2005 Unplaced
1999 Sebah Esther Tubman Miss World 1999 4th Runner-up
1998 Olivia Precious Cooper Miss World 1998 Unplaced
1988 Ollie White Miss World 1988 Unplaced
1985 Sarah-Laurine Horton Miss World 1985 Unplaced
1983 Annie Broderick Miss World 1983 Unplaced
1977 Welma Campbell Miss Universe 1977 Unplaced
1976 Laurine Wede Johnson Miss Universe 1976 Unplaced
1975 Aurelia Sancho Miss Universe 1975 Unplaced
1974 Maria Yatta Johnson Miss Universe 1974 Unplaced
1972 Cecelia Armena King Miss World 1972 Unplaced
1970 Florence Wiles Miss World 1970 Unplaced
1969 Antionette Coleman Miss World 1969 Unplaced
1968 Wilhelmina Nadieh Brownell Miss World 1968
1965 Melvilla Harris Miss World 1965 Unplaced
1964 Norma Dorothy Davis Miss World 1964 Top 15
1963 Ethel Zoe Norman Miss World 1963 Top 15
1962 Agnes Elizabeth Anderson Miss International 1962
Out and About
In addition to its fostering role in positive development, Miss Liberia also encourages its winners to be active
participants and effective partners in charitable events and embracing the spirit of “giving back “to their local
• Each contestant has to take
ownership of one charitable
• Each contestant has to work to
promote and bring awareness to
one of their county development
• Charities
• Hospital visits
• Orphanages
• Schools
• County
Re-Branding Campaign
GSM Companies:
sms competitions, text messages,
scratch cards, etc.
Media Outlets:
TV and Radio
Miss Liberia show once a week educate
and entertain with interviews of queens,
talk on history, past queens as guests on
Print Media
Newspaper special Miss Liberia series
Out and about articles
Billboards – creative catchy messages
Bumper stickers
History from 1962-present day
Proper Training
Talk Show Hour TV/Radio
Social Media
• Facebook Page
• Updated daily with pictures and videos
• Active with queens participation
• Twitter
• Tweet messages daily on what queens are doing
• Tweet messages on milestones in progress of planning etc.
• Instagram
• Instagram pictures daily
• Website
• Informative on queens, history, videos, pictures, contests
• Retail shop online on website and in local stores:
• clothing, paraphernalia, caps, cups
• DVD of county road trip
• CD - Miss Liberia theme song
• Documentary of entire process leading to pageant
• Percentage of proceeds to educational campaign
Educational Initiative Campaign
• Company for sponsored foreign
• Local colleges for scholarship
• Individuals sponsored
• Laptop
• Kindle
• Online courses
•In an effort to make this a landmark event, we have embarked on an educational campaign for our contestants. While we
are proud to put our ladies beauty on display we are equally concern about nurturing their academic capacities.
•11 Stripes Inc. and The Miss Liberia franchise stresses the importance of higher education for young women. To that end,
we have developed an Educational Initiative Campaign and will be awarding the titleholder(s) educational scholarships and
sponsored gifts and prizes to further this endeavor.
•The goal of the campaign is to provide all contestants with basic fundamentals of communications, english, history and
math along with the required etiquette and poise training.
•The goal of the Initiative is to provide internship and job placement opportunities, provide scholarships, and assist in the
overall development of our ladies. We are confident that we can provide the right atmosphere to accomplish our goals.
• Full corporate sponsorship
• Media Sponsors
• Online GoFundMe on website
• Educational Initiative
• Car and/or Prizes
• GSM sponsorship
Budget - US$241,200.00
• Scouting -$34,000
• Training - $54,200
• Lodging - $10,000
• Event Production - $10,000
• Entertainment - $20,000
• Print/media - $20,000
• Wardrobe - $15,000
• Giveaways - $2000
• Prizes - $50,000
• Printing - $6000
• Logistics - $30,000
Thank You
We appreciate your time and support as we make preparations to
equip our young women with the tools and knowledge needed to
compete not just for the Miss Liberia crown but Miss World 2015.
Lets work together in an effort to uplift our young women and country.

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