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Learning Outcomes & Assessment The Quick & Easy Way!
Texas State Technical College Harlingen
 Only state-supported technical college system in Texas
 Waco, Harlingen, Marshall, West Texas
 6,000 enrollment at Harlingen
 Established 1965; approaching our 50 year anniversary
 30 mins from Mexico border, 30 mins from South Padre
 89% Hispanic
Harlingen, Tx
Adele Clinton, Director of Student Life
 Student Activities
Leadership programming
Event programming
Student organizations
Service Squad
 Intramurals
 Wellness and Sports Center
 Fitness Rewards Programs
 Intramural sports
 Student Health Services
 Student Health Clinic
 Health Fair
 Health Advisory Committee
CAS Standards
 Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher
 You probably have done or will be doing a CAS review (selfassessment) for your department
 Gives us six domains from which to identify & assess relevant
& desirable learning
CAS Learning & Development
Courtesy of Doug Peak & BJ Sullivan – Tarrant County College
SLO Event Cover Sheet
How to Write a Learning Outcome
 Use simple, specific language
After having attended the (EVENT OR ACTIVITY),
able to (VERB) , as demonstrated by (ASSESSMENT
Examples of verbs to use:
describe, collect, organize, list, identify, articulate, evaluate,
use, arrange, operate, show, modify,
Example of a Learning Outcome
*TSTC Fashion Show –
After having attended the fashion show, 80% of students will be
able to identify what “Business Formal” attire consists of, the
appropriate clothing for “Smart Casual,” and the correct
length for dresses, as demonstrated by completion of a quiz.
6 ASUS Tablets w/ Stands
How to Use Google Drive
Log in to Gmail
Step 1: Log on to your Gmail account.
Step 2: Click on “Drive” on the top menu bar.
-You can find it next to the “Mail” tab.
Step 3: To the left, you will see “Create” in a red box. Click it and select “Form”.
Step 4: Name your survey, choose a theme, and click “Ok”.
-The next screen will allow you to edit your questions and answers.
Step 5 (Optional): Add a form description.
-What will this survey be used for?
Step 6: Begin to add in your desired questions.
-You have the option of choosing what kind of answers you would like. For example, my
favorite are multiple choice because they generate graphs.You can choose from likerttype scales, to paragraph text boxes (which are perfect for reflective answers), or a
variety of other answer types.You can make any of the questions required! When
you are finished with a question, click on “Done”.
How to Use Google Drive
Step 7: To add another question, simply click on “Add Item”.
Step 8: Personalize your confirmation page!
-Click on the box labeled “Confirmation Message”. Thank the students for taking the
survey and include information about upcoming events or deadlines.
Step 9: Make sure that the “Show link to submit another response” is checked.
Step 10: Now you’re ready to share your survey!
-Click on “View Live Form” at the top. Copy the url and paste it wherever you’d like!
I usually put it on our website.
Step 11: To view the responses, go back to the editing page, click on “Responses” and then on
“Summary of Responses”.
-Results populate instantly! Feel free to check them at any time during your event.
**Where’s the raw data?! For raw data, follow the steps below.
Go back to the Google Drive main page and select (the name of your survey – responses).
Click on “File”, go down to “Download As”, and select “Microsoft Excel”.
Google Drive
 Benefits
 Instant results
 Easy to complete quick modifications
 Easier to identify a winner of a prize
 Paperless
 Meet students at their level
 Quick way to add in a satisfaction question
Other technical ideas:
 Place QR codes around your event so students can take quiz
on their smartphones
 Post up hashtags around your event so students can post realtime reactions and pictures
Encouraging Students to Turn in
 Don’t give opt-out option
 Give incentives
 Hold it at food table
 Don’t assess everything
Keep Track of Your Assessments
*We use TracDat
*Enter your results
*Compiles it into reports for you
*Greater ease when completing CAS Self Assessment,
Assessment Plan Report of Results, etc.
Add Results to your Website
 http://www.tstc.edu/harlingenstudentlife/eventassessments
 Show off what you do!
 Feel free to download handouts & presentation from here!
 “Creating Student Learning Outcomes – Effective Planning
through Thoughtful Programming” by Doug Peak & BJ
Sullivan, Tarrant County College
Bloom’s Taxonomy
“DIY Surveys with Google Docs” by Del Suggs
“Student Life Assessment” by Daniel Villanueva, Lone Star
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher
Education (CAS) www.cas.edu
Please take the evaluation!

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