The Notebook

By Katelyn Caffman, Taylor Cavette, Ebony
Staples, and Shannon Miller
 True love
 Separated by society
 Almost gave up on each other
 Love endures all
Main Characters
 Noah Calhoun
 Allie (Alison) Hamilton
Directors Purpose
 True love conquers all
 Never marry for money
 Marry true love
 Follow your heart
 Love is not tarnished by time
3 Geriatric Nursing Competencies
 1) Recognize one’s own and others’ attitudes, values,
and expectations about aging and their impact on
care of older adults and their families.
 2) Recognize the benefits of interdisciplinary team
participation in care of older adults.
 3) Communicate effectively, respectfully, and
compassionately with older adults and their families.
What is there to learn from the
 Believe that there is hope for every patient
 Minor changes in level of consciousness may be huge
to the family
 Listen to the family members
 Patients still have feelings even though it may not
seem as if they do
Skills of Nurses
 Always show respect
 Portray kind attitudes toward all patients:
 Smiling
 Gentle touches
 Speaks to patient in soft, professional tone
 Nurse never laughs at patients
 Provide the best quality care for each individual.
Link between movie and
nursing skills
 Assisted Living Facility
 Risks for Elder Abuse and Neglect
 Touch
 Intimacy/Sexuality
 Dementia
What does the film imply
about aging?
 Bittersweet
 Confusing
 Causes Strain on family
 Companionship
What made the strongest
 Noah’s commitment
 Allie’s commitment to Noah
Noah reading to Allie on several occassions.
Recurrent themes
 Disappointment
 Commitment
 Birds
 Piano
Problems Within the
 Interrupted family process
 Impaired environmental interpretation syndrome
due to dementia
 Caregiver role strain
 Assess the strengths and deficiencies of the family
 Begin each interaction with the patient by identifying
yourself and calling the patient by name with a
caring, loving, and accepting attitude, and speak
calmly and slowly
 Encourage the caregiver to talk about feelings,
concerns, uncertainties, and fears. Acknowledge the
frustration associated with caregiver responsibilities
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