Scottish Government (Gary Robinson & Collette May)

Procurement Journey
20 November 2014
What is the National Procurement
• The Procurement Journey is designed to support procurement activity at all
levels of the spectrum from simple tactical, low risk/ low value purchases, to the
most complex high value/ high risk/ highly visible procurement exercises.
• Launched in October 2010, it was developed by a cross sector project team
• Its purpose being to; grow and improve procurement capability across all
Scottish public sectors
• Encourages and facilitates best practice procurement, standardisation and
• It is recognised as an informative aid to procurement excellence both within
Scotland, and further afield
• Used as a reference/ benchmark of excellence across wider geographies.
Unprompted feedback from Scottish Government Legal Department: “Catherine
Barnard, a Professor of Law at Cambridge University, recently started teaching
an LLM in relation to procurement and was complaining about the dearth of
really useful accessible material available in relation to procurement. She had
come across the Procurement Journey and couldn’t praise it highly enough – so
much so that she refers her students to it constantly to help them understand
the procurement process and the various stages.”
• Referenced by the UN'procurement-journey'-is-launched.aspx
Referenced by British Universities Finance Directors Group / HEPA (Higher
Education Procurement Academy)
• Referenced by the Human Rights Commission
Procurement Journey
One web location for procurement activity support
Standardised Approach
Standardised Templates
PCS-Tender workflow mirrors Procurement Journey
cycle which Health sector committed to use
New Assessment Regime will mirror Procurement
Journey cycle
3rd most visited Scottish Government webpage >
100,000 hits per year
Procurement Journey training module in use by Health
Project has commenced to enhance the Procurement
Journey over the coming months, with a user survey
which is currently live
Decision Matrix
Route 1
Routes 2 and 3
Develop Strategy
Route 2
Route 3
Quick Links
Procurement Journey Survey
Purpose / Overview
• To engage with end users and canvass feedback on the strengths and weaknesses
of the PJ
• To consider the feedback and incorporate (as appropriate) into an enhanced
solution, driving best practice and improving the user experience
• The survey closes @ 17:00 Nov 21st, and the preview below was extracted on Wed
Nov 18th
• At the moment, other than identifying the number of NHS respondents, an NHS
specific analysis is not possible. The summary below is based on all 232 respondents
High Level Summary – Emerging Findings
• 232 respondents, of which 13.8% (32) identified themselves as working in the NHS
• 45% of respondents claim the PJ is totally embedded right across their organisations
• 71% of respondents claim the PJ if fully embedded within Corporate Procurement
• The ‘station’ concept received 89% validation
• Overall the PJ is well received and valued as a helpful tool, but is in need an upgrade
Procurement Journey Survey
Emerging Requests for Enhancements
• Although the purpose and value of the PJ comes across strongly, there are a
number of aspects which could be improved, for example:
– Navigation: difficult to navigate to a specific page or document
– Interaction: Not interactive or intuitive enough
– Documentation: Would benefit from a central documentation\template library
– Templates: Would benefit from populated examples as opposed to only blank
– Search Facility: Would benefit from an internal search facility
Training: It is evident that the users would appreciate PJ training across key stations ,
– Route 3 Develop Strategy & Develop Documents
– Post Tender Evaluation
– Contract and Supplier Management
This will be highlighted to Professional Practice and Development Forum
Other Changes to Procurement
• Procurement Act has been passed by Parliament
• New EU Legislation to implement
– Consultation on both
• New requirements will be built into the Procurement
• Currently enhancing the guidance on C&SM
• Reviewing how the PJ can be enhanced for:
– Fraud Awareness
– Innovation
– Continuous Improvement

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