Introduction to Topic Session 3

Introduction to Topic Session 3:
Emerging Topics and Vision Scoping
Olli Salmi, VTT Technological Research Centre of Finland
[email protected]
Way Forward: The FLA Approach
RECREATE Scenario Process
Topic Session 3
• Group work continuation
– Time Horizon 2050: ”What R&I policy instruments are
needed to adequately guide the three focus areas of
climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials in
order to mitigate and adapt to climate change?
– Focus on e.g. economy/business, civil society or science
• 3 themes & 6 groups (2 groups per theme)
1. Resource Efficiency & Climate Action
2. Raw Materials and & Climate Action
3. Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials
Topic Session 3
• Individual work: write down suggestions on future
instruments/developments/mechanisms on post-its
• Place post-its one by one to the template provided
– Each participant presents one development per turn (short turns)
– If others have the same/similar development, they hand the post-it as
well (i.e. no development presented twice)
– Post-its are placed to the template with respect to time and category
• Discuss the overall picture
– Is something missing?
– What is the desirability of the developments?
REsearch network for forward looking
activities and assessment of research
and innovation prospects in the fields
of Climate, Resource Efficiency and
raw mATErials

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