2014 COMP and RECN File Webinar PowerPoint

Frank O’Bannon and 21st Century Scholars
File Layouts – COMP and RECN
Indiana Commission for Higher Education
Division of Student Financial Aid
November 7, 2014
Summary of Presentation
• Review the completion (COMP)
• Briefly discuss COMP 14-15
• Answer some frequently asked questions
• Update on reconciliation (RECN)
• Questions
Completion File 2013-2014
Credit Hours Earned Since Last Submission
Advanced Placement Credit Hours (since last submission)
Dual Credit Hours (since last submission)
Cumulative Hours Earned: AP, Dual, Earned at your institution,…etc. (This
is total)
Enrollment date: Date student initially enrolls in courses
Cumulative GPA
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) – “Y” or “N”
Accelerated Schedule: Student with enrollment date prior to 2013-14
should not be flagged “Y”
Term: not applicable for AY 2013-14, left it “Blank” (was not factored into
any calculations.)
Student at your institution
Completion File
• The initial submission of COMP information set the students’ “base”
cumulative credit hours completed.
• EXAMPLE 1: The ‘credit hours earned since last submission’ and
‘cumulative hours earned’ fields are both 12, then the student’s base
cumulative credit hours are 12.
• EXAMPLE 2: the ‘credit hours earned since last submission’ are 12 and the
‘cumulative hours earned’ field is 15, then the student’s base cumulative
credit hours are 15.
Completion File
• The file allows adding records for students not included in
CHE-created file:
Year 1 - student attends CHE-eligible institution A; Award
Year 2 - student attends CHE-eligible institution B; no Award
Year 3 - student attends CHE-eligible institution A; Award
• Institution B must submit to CHE a COMP file containing a
record that provides in the “Credit Hours Earned Since Last
Submission” field the number of credit hours earned at
Institution B during Year 2
Note: CHE will not verify whether or not Institution B submitted data
Completion Files for 2014-2015
CHE will provide to institution partners a COMP
file containing 2014-2015 state aid recipients’
records with data in fields (if we have it).
Date is to be determined; IT is currently focused
on RECN files as our top priority.
Completion File
• CHE provided a COMP file template
– Data from your COMP file can be converted into a flat file format using the
left-hand side of the converter page in xGrads and copied and pasted into the
• Save updated file in a tab delimited format
• Convert file back to CHE processing format using the righthand side of the xGrads converter page
• Save the file with an appropriate file name
• Upload file to CHE
Completion File: New for 14-15
• After initial submission, data reported in subsequent COMP data
submissions will be calculated along with the credit hours earned since
last submission to establish the updated cumulative credit hours earned.
• Data will come from the following:
Earned (Local Hours Earned)
AP hours
Dual Credit Hours fields
Under discussion: Transfer Hours field
• From the AP and Dual Credit hour fields, our system will take the highest
reported number.
• EXAMPLE: School “A” reported 6 AP credit hours for a student; School “B”
school reports 8 AP credit hours
– System will default to 8
• We are currently testing file!
• File exchange capability not yet functional.
– We can give you to; you cannot give to us
– Estimated 4 weeks
• Layout same as provided previously
– Available on xGrads
– NOTE: Some headers may be renamed, but number of fields
and content same.
• Student's State Aid Account Total Amount
– All award funds are rolled into one field. In the previous RECN files for
the institutions, they were broken out by fund type.
• Student's State Aid Account New Claim Amount
– All claimed amounts are located in this field. These used to be broken
out by fund
• Student's State Aid Account New Refund Amount
– All refund amounts are located in this field. These used to be broken out
by fund
• Part-time / Full-time Aid Indicator
– Allows schools to request switching students from Part-Time
status/funds to Full-Time status/funds (and vice versa.)
RECN File – Proposed Reject Reason Codes
Action field value is not valid (i.e., A, I, U)
Associates Degree Flag is Invalid
New Claim Amount has insufficient funds
Certificate or Degree Program Enrollment is invalid
Degree Level is invalid
Edit28 Override is invalid
Field of Study is invalid
Account is either inactive or closed out.
21st Century Scholar Opt Out Indicator Invalid
Professional Degree is Invalid
PJ Reason is invalid
Preliminary Account can not have a Claim on it
Part-Time/Full-Time Indicator is invalid
New Refund Amount is invalid
Account Use Term Start Date is invalid
CHE information system does not contain data for student identified by provided SSN,
last name, and birth date
Title4 Eligibility is Invalid
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: In the “Action” field from the COMP file:
Does “A” for the “preceding year” mean the year just
completed or twelve months before?
Answer: You will add a record for students attending
your institution who did receive a state award before,
but not during the current year. Your school will report
the completion information by the end of each term.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: If the “Aid Amount Type” field is equal to a P (Pending) can awards
be paid or are these considered estimates by CHE?
Answer: These are estimates. An award cannot be claimed unless we receive
additional information from the school.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: If the student opts out of 21st Century, will the “21st Century
Scholar Opt-Out Indicator” field still be a Y or will it be set to an N?
Answer: It will be set to “N”. Scholars who opt out for one year only are set
back to “Y” the following year, unless they opt out again.
Question: If the student was a 21st Century Scholar but did not meet the
Scholars requirements, will the “21st Century Scholar” flag still be a “Y”?
Answer: It will be set to “N”. Scholars who fall out of the Scholar’s population
are no longer considered Scholars. We have discussed adding a note in next
year’s NOTF file someway to indicate former Scholar’s status.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: If we do not know the enrollment date from another school, do we
send the enrollment date from our school or leave it blank?
Leave it blank.
NOTE: If a student has a “blank” enrollment date, the state system will not
calculate an “on-time” or “accelerated” award for that student.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Will the COMP file you send us contain Enrollment Date from other
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do we report transferred AP Credit Hours, considering that other
schools MAY have already reported these hours?
Yes. Some schools don’t accept some AP/Dual credits, while others do. CHE
will use the records with highest number of credits accepted.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Do we continue resending AP Credit Hours with each file each
term? If not, should this field say “since last submission?”
CHE considers the value in the “AP Credit Hours” field to be optional.
If the AP field contains a value CHE will use it to update the AP Hours value
stored in GRADS.
If the COMP file record AP field is empty/blank we will leave the value stored
in GRADS unchanged.
Brent Walker
• Telephone: 317-234-8124
• E-mail: [email protected]
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