Consecutive Program - Ryerson University

Faculty of Education, York University
Concurrent Education 2014
Ryerson Early Childhood Studies and York U. BEd
Marc Powell – Student Advisor
Vanessa Grafi – Manager Student Services
Admission Requirements
80 -100 days of practice teaching
Professional Development
Why BEd with York U.
• You get the best of both worlds…
• Program partnership; first of its kind in Canada,
partnering BA and BEd
• Graduates earn both BA ECS/BEd in five years
• Support Ministry of Education full day kindergarten,
fostering care and education needs in the classroom
• Nominate to OCT (Ontario College of Teachers)
• Small classes, specialized professors and taught at
Bachelor Degree & Bachelor of Education
Path to your Bachelor of Education
• Three year program (Full Time)
BA/BEd five years
• Co-Registered Faculties
• Ryerson and York
• Current Ryerson Student
• May 2014
• Min 24 credits completed
• Ryerson GPA – 3.0/ B
Concurrent application process
Must apply by February 28, 2014:
 Online application will be available end of January 2014
 Language Proficiency test results: minimum of two years university
study (if applicable)
 Ryerson transcript (mid February)
Supplementary Application by March 28, 2014:
 Basic Information
 Experience Summary
 Experience Profile
 Personal Statement
 Identify Two Referees
Incomplete or late applications will NOT be accepted
Volunteer or Paid Experience
Supply Teaching
Educational Assistant
Camp Counsellor
Other Work Experience with Children
Variety is important
Concurrent Education
Primary/Junior Certification(JK – Grade 6)
 Experience teaching children pre-school to grade 6
PJ BEd Program
30 credits of Education courses
ED 2014
Foundation Courses including Community Placement
Community Placement (Practicum 1)
Inquiries into Learning - 3 credits
Inquiries into Schooling – 3 credits
Human Development – 3 credits
ED 2 2015
Teaching Language in the PJ Divisions – 3 credits
Teaching Mathematics in The P/J Divisions – 3 credits
Practicum 2
ED 3 2016
Sci and Technology – 1.5 credits
Health and Phys Ed – 1.5 credits
Teaching Arts and Social Studies 3.0 credits
Education elective courses - 9 credits offered at the York U. Keele campus
Practicum Experience
Year 1
Community based Placement
1 Week School Observation block (May)
Years 2 & 3
School Placement
Mandatory Orientation (September)
4 Week Final Block (May)
Mandatory Advising 2015-16
June (last week of June):
Enrolment and new Admit Orientation
Advising for ED 2 year
Practice Teaching
Practicum placements:
Site locations vs placement locations
Choice of site not guaranteed
Choice of placements
Catholic or Public
Importance of Attendance
Part-time employment
The ACCESS Initiative
individuals who will make excellent
teachers and who reflect the diversity in
our society
The ACCESS Initiative
The Rationale . . . .
We recognize that biases exist within educational
institutions. In keeping with York’s commitment to
equitable access to teacher education, our
admissions policies are designed to assess the
potential of all candidates, in particular those
who have faced systemic barriers in educational
settings, and in their lives.
The ACCESS Initiative
 Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Status,
Non-Status, Aboriginal Ancestry)
 People with Disabilities
 Racialized People
 Other Minoritized People
Applying under Access Initiative
When completing the supplementary application:
Check ‘no’ beside the categories that do not apply to you.
Discuss in your Personal Statement
In addition to the regular Personal Statement requirements, we encourage
applicants who apply through Access to discuss their experiences, and
describe how such experiences might be valuable when working with diverse
groups of students.
Relevant factors might include:
• first language,
• race
• family and economic circumstances
• disability and its impact
The ACCESS Initiative
For more information, send
an email to:
[email protected]
Faculty of Education contact info:
 Telephone: (416) 736-5001
 E-mail: [email protected]
 url:
Ryerson ECS Student Services
working with Education Student

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