Creative business cluster in the Tampere region

Creative Business cluster in the
Tampere Region
”The Tampere region has the potential to re-invent
itself as a living laboratory, a fun and crazy place to
create and experiment with new ideas for products
and services in an agile and innovative
- Kenneth Nyholm
Head of Unit, Innovations and International Business Operations,
ELY centre
Lots of playground for the
creative minds
We have great creative business expertise in the
Tampere region:
40+ game studios with expertise also in serious and
educational gaming
20 theatres that range from amateur groups to
internationally acclaimed professionals
Mediapolis, a new kind of production environment,
a commercial hub of audio-visual production and
1,000 events and festivals with €100m total
turnover, from culture to sports, business to
pleasure. Annual growth 3-7%
What is the Creative Business cluster about?
Funding and expertise
• Business Angels
• Public funded projects
• National expertise
programmes (INKA)
Agencies and managers
Top research and
Culture and arts institutions:
• Theatres, Concerts, Art
exhibitions, Museums,
Modern innovation and
content creation HUBs:
• Mediapolis, New factory,
Protomo, Demola
Bright place, Bright people
“Event planning services business is something we´re
good at. Our technical, production and communication
expertise is unsurpassed. And if the client wishes, we
can provide one-stop service for everything. ”
- Aku Syrjä, CEO, Aku's Factory
“Our outstanding experience in VFX, like creating digital
sets, ranges from large-scale movie productions to
- Samuli Torssonen, Visual effects supervisor, Troll VFX Oy
Top-level creative business companies
Human motion, acting, sensor-based performance
3D Motion capture, user experience, usability, user
interfaces, human machine interaction, film, TV,
Companies: TrollFX, T7 The Centre for Practice as
Research in Theatre, VIMMA and Drex projects (STX
Finland, Kone Oyj), Tampereen Komediateatteri,
Tampereen Palatsiteatteri
Digital games development
Serious gaming, educational gaming contents and
methods, entertainment content
Storytelling, content creation
Marketing, audio-visual content production,
company communications, educational materials,
occupational health
Companies: Adsek, Aitomedia, Mediabeat,
Mediacompany Bermuda, Team Action Zone, RockAdillo
Companies: Aku’s Factory, Tammerfest Oy, Tampere-talo,
Pirfest ry
Companies: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., TrapLight, Colossar
Order, Beiz
Events production
Festivals, events, company branding, hotels and
restaurants, retail
Architecture, public locations and design
Exterior lighting design, city image and safety,
machine building
Companies: Valoa Design, Ingman Design,
Muodonmuutos, Arkkitehtikonttori Petri Pussinen Oy,
Arkkitehtistudio M&Y
How do we operate?
Mediapolis is an international media campus concentrating on content
production and audio-visual information and communications technology.
Production companies and students work side-by-side in an energetic
atmosphere creating their own stories while utilising different media.
The Demola and Protomo innovation concepts are also a part of Mediapolis.
Demola offers university students a great opportunity to add some real-life
twist to the conventional path towards a career.
The New Factory is an environment for open innovation where ideas can be
processed into prototypes, pilot projects, products and services, new business
and new jobs.
Campus Arena will be a hub of science, research and technology. This extreme
concentration of knowhow is being developed in the heart of the Tampere
University of Technology campus in Hervanta.
Welcome to the Bright side!
”Our expertise lies in storytelling and presenting it by all kinds
of visual and aural methods. We are also actively developing
new forms of production for the media sector.”
- Kai Salonen, Director of Education / School of Art, Music and Media at
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
"We are the global pioneer in creative games. Our constructive
research in human-computer interaction delves into the
complexities of subjects like information retrieval, gesturecontrolled services and even applications that can interpret
your emotions."
- Jarmo Viteli, Research Director, School of Information Sciences at the
University of Tampere
Where do we get the know-how?
Tampere is the city of theatre and culture. This, combined with our cutting-edge high technology
and innovativeness, forms the base for flourishing creative businesses in the region.
Supporting education, research & development:
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Media, digital sound and commercial music
Media, scriptwriting and visual expression
Film and Television
Media and Arts
Information Technology
Service Management
Media production
International project management
Tampere Vocational College
Culture Sector
Natural Sciences Sector
Technology, Communications and Transport Sector
University of Tampere
School of Information Sciences
School of Management
School of Communication, Media and Theatre
School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Tampere University of Technology
Tampere School of Architecture
Department of Signal Processing
Department of Pervasive Computing
Tampere Adult Education Centre
Tourism and Catering
In Tampere everything works
Population 499 000
31 000 places of business
2nd largest airport in the country
2/3 Finns live within a 1,5h drive from Tampere
Every 5th citizen in Tampere is a student
World class research and university-industry collaboration
Easy to reach – one-day business trip to all major locations
Talented, educated, experienced people
Growth center that keeps on growing
At the top of the most attractive Finnish cities – year after
Contact us and create something that
you can’t even imagine!
For information on how to combine innovation,
research and know-how with other industries,
request materials on the other top clusters of the
Tampere Region:
Intelligent Machines
Cleantech & Energy
Life Science

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