Kutch Lila - Jagjivan Ahimsamay Yagna

Ane je maas chhe te yagna nu shesh oy to pan
aapatkaalma pan kyare na khaavu ane tran
prakarni sura ane agiyaar prakaar nu madhya
te devtaanu naivedya hoy to pan na
pivu……….. Shlok 15
Uparichar Vasu Raja
Barhish Raja
Bhuj na Jagjivan
Shree Hari celebrated his first birthday (Chaitra
sud 9) in sampradaay in Bhuj where all the
devotees from across the country Came for the
Samadhi prakaan in Bhuj starting by the great
devotee Sunadarji Suthaar and then to whole
Kuberji, Raamchandra and Jagjivan were three
brothers and at the same time they were the
ministers of Bhuj village.
Jagjivan wanted to do yagna so he called all the
best Bhraaman in the country and also send
invitation to Shree hari. Requesting to come in
the yagna.
Jagjivan believed in Hinsaamay yagna and he
was very pride of having lot of wealth.
Kuber welcomed Maharaj and requested to
stay until the end of yagna because Shree Hari
was Vedanti and Naishtik Bhramchari.
Introduction of other Bhraamans to Shree Hari
by Kuber. Some were from Dravid Desh, other
were from, kaashi, Gaud desh, Maharashtra
and some from Gujrat.
Suddenly Maharaj heard crying sound of goats.
Maharaj advices bhraaman to do Ahinsaamay
yagna because hinsaamay yagna is against
Bhraaman Dharma. And if you do then you are
not Bhraaman.
Bhraaman is one who recite the ved and knows
sanskrit shlok and all the Shaastra’s vidhi. Do
you agree with this statement????????? IF YES
then we have to worship RAAVAN. He was
the translator of the Vedas.
If NO then who is Bhraaman??????????
AGNIPURAAN: “utam bhraaman jaati sara kulma
janma, veda dhya yan ane anek shaastranu
adhyayanaamaati bhraaman panana koi lakshan
nathi parantu SADACHAAR ej ek bhraaman
tvanu sachu lakshan chhe.”
Satsangi Jivan 2 prakran, Adhyaay 19, Shlok no 28.
“Maanavni khoprima bharelu shudh paani ane
kutrana chambrani kothlimabharelu dudhjem
sthan dosh thi dushit thaay chhe temaj
sadachaarhin bhraaman raheli je vidhya te dushit
thaay chhe.”
Deities are saatvik so they survive by eating Ann,
demons are Taamsi so they survive by eating meat.
So it is obviously not right to eat or to do
Hinsaamay activity if not necessary. If you don’t
have any other option then Shaastra allows you to
eat meat or drink alcohol. But you’ve got
everything then why are you doing this?
If you don’t free these animal then I’ll have to
Some bhraaman agreed with maharaj other didn’t
and they continue argument.
Some taamsi bharaaman told maharaj that if a
person kill animal for his personal then it is
hinsa but if you do for a yagna then it is not.
Because the vedas allows . Started shouting we
as a vedanti Bhraaman we’ll do what Veda is
saying but NOT what you are saying.
Maharaj explained the reason for Veda
allowing hinsamay yagna.
In veda “ajen yajet” mean doing yagna by Aj
whereas bhraaman changed the meaning by
saying ‘Bakro’.
Maharaj gives the example of Barhish Raja and
Uparicharvasu Raja.
Shree Hari leaves the yagna and went to
King of Bhuj send his soldiers to destroy the
yagna. (same like Dakshaprajapati raja’s
Fight against soldiers resulted death to all three
brothers.(same as Dakshaprajapati)
This happened because they did not obey the
words of Maharaj.

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