Webstart 2 Finland - Welcom to the Web Start

Webstart Geel meeting
17-21 november 2014
State of the art
Apila yhdistyksen liitto ry
• Who is attending this meeting?
What role has each attendee in the meeting
and in the project?
- Alexander Yudin-Lazarev - coordinator / trainer
- Galina Yudina-Lazarev - trainer
- Maxim Slivinskiy – Web developer
- Gennadi Kebrin - photgrapher/cameraman
- Marina Vassileva - photgrapher/cameraman
Project year 1:
What has been done in the first project year?
• The group of web
developers and project
team of the project
changing. Now we have in
the project also professional
photographers and
• We have test variant of the
webshop, which we develop
together with our partner
company – Uskonnen oy –
www.ukauppa.fi. Through
webshop we sell used notbooks.
Cheaper and avalible for
everyone. Based on OpenCart.
Hosted web-hosting with security
and functional limitations.
– Prices and stock availability
updated manually.
• Through the Webshop we would
like to promote our services and
we also decide later to put where
T-shirts, pens, posters etc.
Project year 1:
What has been done in the first project year?
• Rimini Meeting – ecommerce and e-marketing
• Lithuanian Meeting
• Belgium meeting
Local activities
• Local training for our
organization after meeting
in Rimini.
• Creation of presentation
video of one of our services
– Summer Camps.
Project year 1:
What has been done in the first project year?
WordPress based webshop
• Can be created
automatically updated
information of the prices
and availability of the stock.
• A lot of free functional
• www.vkauppa.fi - ready to
use webshop, developed in
cooperation with partner Uskonnen oy
Project year 2
What is planned in the second project year?
• Continue developement of
Start-up of the webshop
Promotion of the webshop
Feedback development
More products and services
Establishing permanent or
stable connections between
webshop and clients
– Web and hacking security
development and improvent.
– Products and services
• Optimization of the e-commerce
marketing and system (on-line
payments, bank etc).
• SEO optimization
• Increasing amounts of the goods
and services that we offered.
• Increasing numbers of the
• Start promotion on different
social media
• Promotion of our good and
services off-line: personally,
exhibitions, festivals, meetings,
through partners, through youth
houses (brochures, posters etc)
Project year 2
What is planned in the second project year?
Possibilities for development
• Our partner company provide us
with dedicated web server for
test and development for
different web projects
• Keep testing different platforms
for web shops, like PrestaShops,
E-commerce, OpenCart etc.
• Offer cheap web services/hosting
for NGO’s
• Development the services for the
development of e-commerce
services in partners NGO’s. I.e.
development of ready to use ecommerce packages for the
partner NGO’s
Future meetings
• Austria
• Poland
• Hosting in Finland

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