Norwegian Status

International Pavement Engineering
Use of GPR in Road Technology in Norway - Status
Leif Bakløkk
GPR-activities in Norway
1. Participation in the Mara Nord nordic joint
research project
2. PhD-study at NTNU on the use of 3D-GPR
3. Development at 3D Radar company in
Mara Nord Project
Developing joint Nordic action model
for road condition monitoring with
GPR method
Funded By:
Interreg IV A NorTh Programme; Regional
Council of Lapland
and North Calotte Council
Project Purpose
Mara Nord Projects Purpose is to demonstrate
the potential of the GPR method for
monitoring and evaluation of the quality of the
pavement and road structures in Finland,
Sweden and Norway.
The project purpose is achieved through
cooperation between national transport
administrations, universities, consultant
companies and GPR manufacturers
Common Challenges
The GPR method is complex
The knowledge about the GPR method in Finland, Sweden and
Norway are not equal
The purchasing and controlling of the GPR services for Road
administrations is difficult
Selecting the appropriate measurement can be challenging for
Road Administration
The companies that provide GPR services need to meet
different criteria's in each country that are not always even
– For the equipment standards
– For the result requirements
Providing of the services across the borders are complex and
less profitable because of different regulations and standards
The licenses for providing GPR services are expensive and
compulsory in Finland
The void content measurement with GPR needed further
Transport Administration of Finland
Transport Administration of Sweden
Road Administraation of Norway
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
ELY center of Lapland
Project has support from
– Road Consulting Oy
– Road Scanners Oy
– Carement Oy
– RAMBOL Sverige AB
– Malå GeoScience AB
– Statens väg-och
– Sintef
– 3D Radar
– NCC roads
Mara Nord has Achieved
The trainings for Road Administrations have been
The user trainings have been provided
4 of the 5 Joint recommendations are written
– Use of GPR
– Use of GPR
– Use of GPR
– Use of GPR
– Use of GPR
in pavement design and road rehabilitation
bridge applications
site investigation
road construction quality control
Asphalt quality control (is being written)
Mara Nord has Achieved
Benchmarking of the equipment has been carried out
the report is in editing and commenting phase
Project has been promoted in different events of
which the most meaningful are:
EGU 2011 Annual Conference
Publication for Non-destructive Testing Magazine
Project final publication is being prepared
Final Conference will be held in Spring (18 April 2012) in
Trondheim, Norway
Void Content measurement further tests have been
carried out during the summer 2010 and 2011 the
final report and publication is on its way
Project has been recognized as truly cross-border
practice that promote co-operation in the Interreg
Use of 3D-GPR at NTNU/Sintef
The equipment is used for many different
measurement tasks on roads
The PhD-program for Anne Lalague
Anne would like a study period (6 – 9 months) in
the United States as part of the PhD program

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