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CPO Staff
Tracey Howard – Assistant Dean for Program
Supervises all CPO & Kellogg Center Staff
Works with new student groups during their formation
Assists student groups with websites
Advises the Student Senate Appropriations Committee
Co-Directs the SOAR Program
Jonathon Collier – Assistant Director for Greek Life &
Student Organizations
◦ Advises all social fraternities and sororities as well as the
Interfraternity & Panhellenic Councils
◦ Serves as a contact person for all student organizations
◦ Coordinates Briton Bash
Campus Programs and Organizations
3rd Floor of the Kellogg Center
Open 8am – 5pm
Phone: 517-629-0433
Fax: 517-629-0930
Email: [email protected]
FALL 2014
The Appropriations Committee
Mitch Moore
◦ Student Senate Chief Financial Officer
◦ Appropriations Committee Chair
◦ Email: [email protected]
Clare Russell
◦ Appropriations Committee Vice-Chair
◦ Email: [email protected]
Accessing our Website
Student Senate website:
Click on the Appropriations Committee tab
at the top
All forms related to budgets, check requests,
etc. can be found here
New forms can easily be filled out on a
computer, printed, and submitted on paper
Need Additional Help?
Stop by the CPO Office (3rd floor KC)
◦ Monday – 3:00-4:15 PM
◦ Wednesday – 1:00-3:00 PM
◦ Friday – 2:00-4:00 PM
According to the SAF Guidelines,
organizations must spend at least 70% of
their budget
 If an organization fails to spend at least 70%
of their budget for two consecutive
semesters, they will be placed on probation
 The CFO and Appropriations Committee
reserves the right to limit funding or place
other funding sanctions on organizations on
General Supply Form
Supplies Include:
Office Supplies
Other miscellaneous items that are not part
of a program or event, but are vital to the
mission of your organization
General Supply Form
◦ Must support the mission of the Organization
◦ Must not be available for use elsewhere on
Campus (College-owned equipment)
◦ Must be permanently stored on College
◦ Single items costing more than $250 must be
accompanied by a paragraph (minimum)
explain why the equipment is necessary for
the organization’s mission *can’t exceed $800
General Supply Form
◦ Individual items pertaining to PR do not have
to be listed separately in a budget request
 1 line item, titled PR, will suffice as long as
an explanation of how PR funds will be used
is given
◦ The SAF cannot fund off-campus PR, except
for paper flyers
◦ $200 limit per semester
General Supply Form
◦ Request funding not to exceed the lesser of
cost or $5.00
◦ Documentation must be shown per item cost,
the number of items purchased, and the
design of the shirt/clothing
◦ $200 limit per semester
Programs are usually events comprised of
multiple expenses
Programs include campus-wide events,
fundraisers, trips, conferences, formals, etc.
Common items requested include
registration fees, travel, lodging, etc.
There is a $1,000 limit per program for
General Clubs and Organizations
Travel Reimbursement Requirements
◦ Flying
 Flight Itinerary showing amount paid
◦ Rail
 Rail Itinerary showing amount paid
◦ Vehicles
 Personal vehicles can be reimbursed at
$0.56 per mile
 College vans require Albion College Invoice
Two or more organizations may partner
together to fund a single program/event
Each organization requesting funding for the
program/event must fill out the cosponsorship form in their budget request
The $800 limit per event for an organization
still applies, so two organizations together
could fund up to $1600
Cannot be used to purchase equipment
$800 limit per supply or equipment item
 $1,000 limit per program/trip
 $800 limit per organization for cosponsored events
 $200 limit on PR materials
 $200 limit on T-Shirt Printing Costs
 Anything giving academic credit
 Non-Campus PR – except paper fliers
 Any item(s) for Pledging/Ritual Events
 Inter/National Dues
 Luxury Items or Gifts
 Alcohol or alcohol-related material(s)
 Donations
See Art 3, Sec VI of the SAF Guidelines for full list
◦ Food and beverages may be funded if and
only if it can be proven that:
 Items are critical part of a
cultural/educational program
 Items are part of a contracted obligation for
performances or professional services
required for the presentation of a program
◦ Food to generate attendance will NOT be
◦ Meals during a trip will NOT be funded
Please Note
All items in the Budget and Funding
Request packet must have accompanying
documentation proving their costs
 An organization’s unspent funding from
previous semesters does not rollover to
the current semester, so spend the
money you ask for each semester
Submitting Budgets
All general clubs and organizations must
submit their Budget and Funding Requests by:
Sunday, September 14 at 11:59 PM
All budget requests must be submitted
electronically by email to:
[email protected]
You will receive an email confirming that your
budget has been received within 24 hours of
submitting it
Submitting Budgets
In extreme extenuating circumstances, the
President or Treasurer of an organization may
request an extension from the CFO. This
request will be considered only if made at least
24 hours before the posted budget deadline
and will be granted at the discretion of the CFO.
Extension request deadline:
Saturday, September 13th at 11:59 PM
If an extension is granted, budgets must be
submitted by:
Tuesday, September 16 at 11:59 PM
Budget Approval Process
Budgets will be reviewed by the
Appropriations Committee to ensure
requests are in accordance with the SAF
Student Senate will receive and approve all
budgets at its regular meeting on:
Monday, September 22th at 9:10 PM
Organization presidents and treasurers will
receive their approved budgets via email by:
Thursday, September 25 at 11:59 PM
Budget Approval Process
If you disagree with the decisions of the
Appropriations Committee, you may appeal
its decision within 72 hours of receiving your
budget by notifying the CFO
◦ More information regarding the appeal
process can be found in Art 4, Sec IV of the
SAF Guidelines
Check Requests
Check Requests must be submitted on paper
to the folder outside the Student Senate
 Requests must include the Check Request
form and supporting documentation (copies
of receipts/bills/ contracts)
 Checks can take 5-7 days to process
 All requests due by Sunday, November 30th
Check Requests
Supporting Documentation
◦ Proof of purchase is required in order for checks
to be written to individuals
◦ Documentation must state the total amount
◦ Requests involving invoices or contracts may have
the check written directly to the vendor
◦ Checks cannot be written directly to the
organization requesting the check unless proof is
provided that the organization already
reimbursed an individual for a purchase or used
its own checking account or debit/credit card
Check Requests
To receive a check for travel in a personal
vehicle, submit a Mileage Check Request
form to the folder outside the Senate
◦ Must attach a map showing exact mileage
◦ DO NOT attach gas receipts
◦ Please note, travel needs to have already
occurred before you submit this form
Check Requests
Denied Check Requests
◦ An email will be sent regarding the nature of
the denial, and how to fix it
Authorized officers will receive an email
from CPO when a check is ready to be picked
◦ Only the authorized officer who submitted
the request may retrieve the check(s)
Checks expire 60 days from the day the
check is written
SAF Debit Card
General Clubs & Organizations,
Percentage Groups, and other types of
groups such as Senate and Student
Volunteer Bureau(SVB) are eligible in
using the SAF Debit Card in making online
SAF Debit Card Qualified Items
Airfare (Associated taxes and check/uncheck baggage fees
Hotel Reservations (only room(s) and associated taxes
acceptable, NO pay per view, mini fridge purchases, or any in room
purchases)(the SAF Debit card will NOT be on file and guest(s) will
need to use their own credit/debit card to cover damages/be on
file with the hotel)
Recreation/Concert/Event tickets
 Large ticket equipment/supplies (large item(s) which
have a high price tag and are not easily purchased through other
means or channels are eligible) (NO everyday small purchases
Using the SAF Debit Card
The SAF Debit Card will remain in the sole
possession of the Appropriations Committee’s
 The Treasurer or President of the
group/organization can use the debit card by
setting up an appointment with the
Appropriations Committee’s Advisor
 The Appropriations Committee’s Advisor will
make the actual purchase for the group
 A check request will still be filled out at the time
of making the transaction
SAF Debit Card
At no time will the debit card number or
debit card itself be given to individuals of
a group/organization
 Any unauthorized use of the debit card,
its numbers, or the actual purchases in
any way other than what was approved
by the Appropriations Committee’s
Advisor is subject to sanctions by the
Appropriations Committee and/or college
judicial system
SAF Debit Card
Tracey Howard –
Assistant Dean for Program Development
Appropriations Committee’s Advisor
Email- [email protected]
Office located in CPO (3rd Floor KC)
Line-Item Changes
Money may be moved between existing lineitems on the budget by submitting a LineItem Change form
 Forms must be submitted on paper to the
folder outside the Senate Office
 You will not receive email confirmation of
approval, and will only be notified if there is
a problem with the request
 All requests due by Sunday, November 30th
Requests for Variance
Money may be moved to a new line-item on
the budget by submitting a Request for
Variance form
 Forms must be submitted on paper to the
folder outside the Senate Office
 Must provide detailed explanation of the
new line-item and why it wasn’t in the
original budget request
 You will only be notified if there is a problem
with the request
 All requests due by Sunday, November 30th
Emergency Funding
Emergency funding is available if your
organization experiences an event where
immediate funding is needed and it can be
shown that:
◦ The item/event could not be budgeted for during
the regular budget process, and
◦ The item/event meets all SAF Guidelines
Submit an Emergency Funding Request via
email to the CFO to begin the process
 Organizations may only request emergency
funding once per semester
 All requests due by Sunday, November 30th
Submit all budgets to [email protected]
Sunday, September 14th at 11:59 PM
 You will receive your approved budget by
Thursday, September 25th at 11:59 PM
 Emergency Funding Requests due by
Sunday, November 23rd
 All other requests due by
Sunday, November 30th
Questions? Email [email protected]

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