PR 3.0 The New Frontier

PR 3.0: The New Frontier
Kevin Dinino, Founder & President
Why Public Relations?
 Valuable tool for gaining recognition for your business
 Helps to differentiate your business from the competition
 News coverage serves as objective third party
endorsement in attracting new clients and strengthening
existing relationships
 Cost-effective means to help build awareness and brand
 Marketing value: search engine visibility for web presence
 Marketing value: search engine visibility for web presence
Understanding PR 3.0
 We exist in a 24/7 news cycle
 News spreads faster than ever – Twitter breaks news
 We are living in an SEO (search engine optimization) world
 Your audience likely reads news on mobile devices
 News actively shapes public opinion and prompts public
PR 3.0 Dynamic
The Social Media Landscape
 What is Social Media?
 Interact with your clients and prospects
 Captive audience
 Low cost/high reward
 THE FUTURE of Marketing/PR
Social Media Usage
 Facebook has over 500 million users. If Facebook were a country,
it would be the world’s 3rd largest country.
 Twitter has 200 million registered users
Twitter Use Climbs to 13% of U.S. Adults Online Boosted by Older
Americans. Bloomberg
 LinkedIn has 100 million registered members and finance is the
2nd most popular industry/career (14% of users).
 Social networking site usage grew 88% among Internet users
aged 55-64 between April 2009 and May 2010. Pew Research
Financial Advisor Usage
American Century Investments recently published a
study called “Financial Professionals Social Media
Adoption” which showed that “over half (55%) of
advisors use social media at least several times a
week; almost one quarter (24%) report using social
media ‘daily.’”
71% have Facebook accounts, 55% have LinkedIn
accounts, and 19% have Twitter accounts
Social media usage and experience among financial
professionals is growing
Most (86%) have a business or personal profile/account
– up significantly from last year
Why Social Media?
 “I Need to Drive Prospects/Customers to My Business”
 Massive awareness machine – integrated with PR, distribution
 Build a reputation, manage news flow, etc.
 It’s FREE, regardless of budget
 Take advantage of slow adoption
 Those who are using social media have
positive experiences with it
 Prospects will Google you –what if
they don’t find anything?
Content is King and it’s Everywhere
I created my profiles, now what? Content is King and
 Use compliance pre-approved content
 Link to an interesting article or white paper
 Leverage your newsletter – get it online
 Niche related
 Local issues
 Videos work as well
 Client events, seminars, etc.
 Spend 1-2 hours a week yourself or
find a professional to manage for you
Content is King and it’s Everywhere
 Update monthly to stay relevant – if you want weekly, develop a
few month’s worth of content ahead of time. Create a deliverable
calendar to see your plan of action.
 Develop a message – if you have a niche –market it. Retirement
Planning? Opinions on Bear Market?
Use Social Media to Market/Interact with
Retirement Planning topics.
 Make sure your content is INTERESTING
and CONCISE and easy to “share” with others.
Add value and a unique perspective to target
your audience.
New Social Media Technology
New technology helps make social networking easier
 LPL now offers real time monitoring solution
 E-Newsletter software Constant Contact, MailChimp link to all 3
social media sites
 Tweetdeck or Hootsuite allow you to see and manage your social
on one dashboard – plus see ROI and analytics
 Google Analytics is a must have – see where social media takes
visitors to your site
 Creating an external blog page is always a great idea – tools like
Blogger or Wordpress make it easy
Social Media Best Practices: Blogging
Social Media Best Practices: Blogging
Social Media Best Practices: Facebook
Social Media Best Practices: Facebook
Social Media Best Practices: LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn to join groups –
HUGE way to network with
Add value – post
Add to your network
Create a company page as well
as an individual page
Have people follow your company
–promote via personal profile.
Social Media Best Practices: Twitter
 Another great tool to discuss your value
proposition or opinion on current events.
 Great PR resource – Follow media on
Twitter – news breaks via Twitter FIRST.
 Nice way to meet reporters – have
compelling “Tweets” and introduce
 Another PR 3.0 tool – Twitter feed can link
to your web site so clients/prospects can
see your tweets in real time.
 Resources: Sites such as Twellow, etc.
make it easier to locate people on Twitter.
Final Perks
SEO value – these sites
resonate very well in search
PR 3.0 – social media takes
your marketing/PR efforts to
another level and new
Easy to do - should become a
habit, not going away
Thank You!
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