From Le Morte d*Arthur Sir Launcelot du Lake

Time of the Knights
King Arthur – A well-known character
in literature and legend
Honorable ruler in an age of knights,
damsels & dragons
Legend of Arthur is vastly different
from the real man (He was a leader
of late 5th century Britain)
Medieval Romance
Idealized noble characters
Larger-than-life behavior
Hero’s quest motivated by love,
religion, faith, or desire for adventure
Supernatural or magical element
Unusual or exotic settings
Involved hidden or mistaken identity
Sir Launcelot
Known as one of Arthur's best knights
Code of conduct for knights
Generous to enemies
Protective of women
Medieval Jousting
Sir Launcelot = one of King Arthur’s
knights, highly respected, even Queen
Gwenyvere loves him more than her
Sir Lionel = Sir Launcelot’s nephew
Sir Tarquin = antagonist (bad guy knight)
Morgan le Fay = lady who falls in love
with Launcelot
Launcelot sets off in search of adventure
and takes Lyonel
They stop to take a nap along the way
Lyonel  captured by Tarquin and
thrown in a dungeon
Sir Ector rides off in search of Launcelot
Morgan le Fay (and her 3 other friends) cast a
spell on Launcelot and capture him in hopes
of winning his love
She tells him he must choose one of the four
queens as a lover or he’ll die
Launcelot loves Queen Gwynevere so he
chooses death
A King’s daughter offers to help Launcelot
escape if he agrees to help her father in a
jousting contest

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