The Colony of BC and Confederation

The Colony of BC and
• Cariboo Gold Rush: 35,000+ prospectors
– Started to leave Cariboo region and the colony
Rapid loss of revenue and population
BC suffered great financial losses
1866: BC and Van. Island had significant debts
Colonial office in Britain agreed w/ idea of union
August 6, 1866: British g’ment formally joined the
2 colonies together as British Columbia
Governor Seymour became governor of new colony
Legislative Council established
Union didn’t solve economic woes
Population cont’d to decline
Money issues cont’d
Confederation debate
• Three main factions:
1. Strongly opposed to confederation (anticonfederationists)
2. Strongly supported confederation (confederationists)
3. Annexation by the U.S. (annexationists)
• b/t 1868 & 1870 the debate about BC’s future
was ongoing
• Elected rep’s on
mainland: all in favor of
– Resolutions: Canada
become liable for BC’s
debt and fed. g’ment
build a transcontinental
• Annexationists: believed
BC couldn’t cont. to
operate w/out being
connected to larger body
– Thought Canada too
distant from Pacific Coast
The tide turns…
• 1868: Legislative Assembly
– Mainland: all confederationists
– Van. Island: all anticonfederationists
• June 1869: Gov. Seymour
• Anthony Musgrave as
– Get BC to join Canada as soon
as possible
• Annexation not popular
• July 20, 1871: BC joined

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