Specification 3 - Literacy Units

What does ‘integrity’ mean ?
 Reading, writing and listening & talking
 Certificates are proxies for each and all of
those skills
 Learners achieve these independently
Specification 3 - Literacy Units
In relation to the National Literacy Units at all levels:
(i) exemption from demonstrating any of the four
assessed skills of reading, writing, listening or
talking will not be a reasonable adjustment and
(ii) using human readers and scribes will not be
reasonable adjustments where reading and
writing abilities are being explicitly assessed.
English/Gàidhlig Units ?
 Yes – can use human reader/scribe as a
reasonable adjustment
English and Gàidhlig Courses?
♦ Yes - at SCQF level 5 and above
 ..& for other subjects as currently
 Wide range of texts including fiction, drama, poetry
 Wide range of writing including creative and poetic styles
 Less focus on technical accuracy
What positive messages?
 More independence and autonomy
for learners
 Greater personalisation and choice
 Flexible arrangements
 No ‘exam pressure’
 Internally assessed by skilled staff
 Reflect arrangements for further
learning, workplaces and in life
 Being honest in certificating skills of
reading, writing,
listening and talking
Getting the message across
 animation on our YouTube channel, SQAonline
or by clicking here
 Monthly communications
 CfE liaison team
 Annotated support
 Text on webpages – AA, links English, Gàidhlig,
Literacy & Numeracy.....
 Leaflet for learners/parents/ carers
 Webinars – more?
 National/Local events
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