West Lane Elementary SW

West Lane
Tier 3
Go Hand in Hand
• Foundation for Learning
• Effective Teams
• What students need to know and do
• Systematic Process for Intervention & Student Success
West Lane
• Grades 3-5 with a total of 543 students
• Student Ethnicity Groups
– 495 Caucasian
– 26 African American
– 6 Asian
– 4 Native American
– 13 Hispanic
• 48% of students receive free or reduced
• 5% of students participate in Backpacks For
Friday program
Big 5 Data
Student Assistance Team
• Our Tier 3 team is our Student Assistance
Team. Team members include:
Principal and Assistant Principal
Student Services Specialist/ Social Worker
Teacher from each grade level
School Counselor
Our Process for Tier 3
C Core Team Meeting:
• 1. Assign interviews and data gathering to
team members
• 2. Schedule the A meeting to discuss
interviews to take place within the next 5
school days.
Our Process for Tier 3
Action Planning Meeting: within 5 school
days of the C meeting
• 1. Share Data
• 2. Complete FACTS part A (FBA) together and agree on
summary statement in part B. Summary statement must be
clear and measurable using duration and/or frequency.
• 3.Schedule the P meeting to take place within the next 10
school days
Our Process for Tier 3
P Planning Meeting for BIP: within 10 days of the A
• 1. Review and summarize observations.
• 2. Determine method of data collection to monitor
• 3. Identify team member for communication and
training plan including procedures for communication
and a task timeline.
• 4. Schedule the ER meeting to take place within 3
Our Process for Tier 3
ER Evaluate and Review: within 3 weeks of
the P meeting
•1. Review BIP plan for implementation by using results of rating
West Lane
Tier 3 Supports
• Tier 1, 2 & 3 updates and professional
development during monthly faculty meetings
• Tier 1 meets 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month
• Tier 2/3 meets with Tier 1 on the 2nd Thursday
of the month & individually on the 4th
Thursday of each month
• Tier 3 meets on Tuesday mornings as needed
to discuss Tier 3 referrels

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