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Proudly serving BC industry since 1994
Discover SkillsBC
More than you think…..
For the past 20 years SkillsBC has worked with industry, government
and educators to provide BC youth with engaging & hands-on
opportunities to explore skilled trade & technology careers.
Discover Skills BC
Skills BC has built a network that spans every region of BC
600 volunteers from
communities across BC
Caitlin Mayo (with Minister Bond)
owner Sugar Patisserie
Adam Ruel
owner Fine Cut Developments
John Rosse
owner Terra Mechanical Ltd.
Kyle Peatt
Senior Designer, Mobify
10,000 alumni Students who have competed in
Skills BC competitions
Providing 12,000 students from
communities across BC with opportunities to
explore skilled trade & technology careers
SkillsBC is part of a world wide movement that began
67 years ago…..
• Over 120,000 Canadian youth participate ANNUALLY
• All Provinces & Territories in Canada participate
• BC hosted the event in 2013
• Over 200,000 Spectators
• 53 Countries participate
• Bi-Annual Event – 2015 Sao Paolo, Brazil
Discover SkillsBC
More than you think…..
Why we do what we do….
“Energy companies trying to raise almost US$50-billion for Canada’s first
network of natural gas export terminals will face an even more basic
challenge: finding the workers to build them” Financial Post, Dec. 2013
By the numbers:
• 54, 500 – number of skilled trade job openings in BC over the next 7 years
(not including LNG)
• 100,000 – number of LNG skilled trade job openings in BC over the next 30 years
• 1.5 million skilled trade job openings in Canada in the next 7 years.
• 2 of 3 skilled tradespeople over the age of 45 years old in BC today.
• 14.5% youth (15 -25 years old) unemployment rate.
• 1 in 5 high school graduates over the next 3 years that will need to directly enter into a
skilled trade training program in order to fill the skills shortage in BC
• Post Secondary Programs – over 56% women, but only 39% enter into a STEM career
(Science, Math, Engineering, Technology).
• Girls that participate in hands-on STEM related activities (ie. Skills BC activities) are
2.7x more likely to enter into a STEM related career later in life.
Discover SkillsBC
More than you think…..
What we do….
Based on the Regional and Provincial labour market needs of the
province, SkillsBC designs unique mentorship programs that influence
youth to pursue in-demand careers.
Collaboration & Partnerships
• Government, Industry, Educators, Labour
Trades Training BC & Skills BC = Discover Skills BC
To be the primary resource/destination for youth,
parents and educators searching for information
about careers in skilled trades and technologies in BC
Skills BC Regional & Provincial Competitions
• 13 Regional Competitions
• 1 Provincial Competition
• 2000 Competitors
Pathway to Careers Exhibition &
First Hand Activities
Trades & Technology Conference
for Women
Welding & Iron Work Careers
1st Annual SkillsBC Card Board Boat Races
Discover SkillsBC
More than you think…..
Contact: Skills Canada British Columbia
Ph. (604)432-4360

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