Aboriginal Education Services

School District #71
Supporting the inclusion of Aboriginal services
into Comox Valley schools.
To introduce ourselves.
To explain who we support.
To show how we can support you.
To clarify roles and funding.
Aboriginal Education Centre
665 16th Street, Courtenay, B.C.
(Behind Courtenay Elementary School)
Approximate Breakdown of
Aboriginal Students in SD71
Living on
Reserve –
… and growing!
Other First
What is an Aboriginal Education
Enhancement Agreement (AEEA)?
“An AEEA is a working agreement between a
school district, all local Aboriginal
communities, and the Ministry of Education
designed to enhance the educational
achievement of Aboriginal students.”
 The AEEA is signed by the Superintendent on behalf of all
school district employees and all SD 71 staff are expected to
work towards meeting these goals.
 Each school district signs an AEEA with goals specific to that
district. SD 71 is operating under its third AEEA, which ends
June 2013.
Past Aboriginal Education
Enhancement Agreement
Goal 1: To increase Aboriginal students sense of belonging;
including sense of place, identity and self esteem, in a
nurturing and inclusive environment
Goal 2: To improve the achievement of Aboriginal
Goal 3: To increase the awareness and understanding of
First Nations, Métis, and Inuit history, traditions and
culture for all students
Goal 4: To enhance skills, qualities and confidence in
leadership for Aboriginal students
District Aboriginal Curriculum
Support Teachers
• Share/ Co-teach lessons relating to
the curriculum in your classroom
• Help you develop Aboriginal curriculum
• Help to arrange special visitors or presenters
• Work with Aboriginal Support Workers
• Help to facilitate large events such as the Big House
Experience, Salmon BBQ’s or Intergenerational school visits
District Aboriginal Curriculum
Support Teachers Continued…
Can also:
•Suggest ideas for Aboriginal focused PLO’s
• Provide professional development for teachers
• Facilitate multi-age gatherings of students
Elementary: Lynn Swift and Melissa Litke
Secondary: Ken Lees, Gail Martindale and Gord McMahon
Contact Sallie Crawford (Ab. Ed. Admin assistant)to direct you to
the appropriate district staff member: 250-331-4040
AbEd Support Staff
There are 16 support staff in our local schools.
Support Staff titles include:
 Aboriginal Support Workers (ASWs)
 Aboriginal Home Support
Workers (AHSWs)
The Role of the ASW
The Aboriginal Support Worker is responsible for regular
contact with all Aboriginal students in their assigned schools.
How this contact looks will vary by school.
They can also:
 Advocate for Aboriginal students
 Contact parents to discuss progress, concerns, success
 Help to organize special events or activities
 Research and present about Aboriginal topics in classrooms*
 Attend Aboriginal Education staff meetings and training
 Collect data for accountability measures
 Work within specific Aboriginal programs
“Funded Aboriginal education programs must be additional
to any other programs and services to which an Aboriginal
student is eligible, including provincial base funding, ELL and
Special Education.”
 All Aboriginal Education Staff in this district are covered
under this funding policy.
 http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/topic.page?id=A68C7DDDA92544E
 Aboriginal ancestry is determined
on a voluntary basis through
self-identification. The students do
not need to prove they are
Aboriginal, nor do they need a
status card.
 School districts report students participating in Aboriginal
education programs and services on Form 1701.
 Please be aware that students may know they have Aboriginal
background but may not have any cultural or family background
For more information:
Aboriginal Education Website:
Aboriginal Education Centre: 250-331-4040

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