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Professional Teaching Standards Board
PTSB as a Resource
Andrea Bryant, Executive Director
Nicholas Bellack, Assistant Director
PTSB Areas of Responsibility
Licensing Educators
2. Program Approval of Licensure/Endorsement Programs in
3. Educator Conduct and Discipline
Quick Resources
 http://ptsb.state.wy.us
 Application forms listing requirements
 PTSB Rules & Regulations
 PTSB Professional Conduct Guide
Human Resources
 Nicole Syme, Receptionist
 General Information and US &WY Constitution Exams
 Ashley Graham, Executive Assistant
 Educator Discipline/Investigations and Board Liaison
 Nannette Tardif, Licensing Specialist
 Applicants whose Last Name begins with A-G
 Professional Development Workshop Approval
 Morgan DiNoble, Licensing Specialist
 Applicants whose Last Name begins with H-O
 Trisha Wright, Licensing Specialist
 Applicants whose Last Name begins with P-Z
 Nicholas Bellack, Assistant Director
 Educator Discipline/Investigations
 Andrea Bryant, Executive Director
Problem Solving – Call Us
 We can “think out loud” with you to find solutions
 Explore hypothetical situations
 Screen for red flags
New Online Licensure System
• Partially
rolling out in
Spring 2015
• Will require
account to
• Goal will be for all applications to be completed and submitted online
• District access to view educators will switch to this new system
We are a resource to you!
Professional Teaching Standards Board

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