Powerpoint - Worship With Emmanuel

Welcome & Announcements
Silent Preparation
Gathering Prayer
Hymn: VU p. 820 “Psalm 100 – Make a Joyful Noise”
Scripture Readings
Sermon: “Breaking Bread”
Prayers of the People
Invitation & Peace
Hymn of Confession: VU 462 “Before I Take the Body of My Lord”
Hymn: VU 307 “Touch the Earth Lightly”
Blessing & Sending Forth
Gathering Prayer
based on Psalm 100
Gracious God, truly you are good.
Your love endures forever;
you are faithful to all generations.
You are our creator. We are your creation.
You are our shepherd; and we, your sheep.
Because of you, we shout for joy;
we worship you with gladness;
we gather in thanksgiving;
we come into your presence
singing your praises . . .
Thanksgiving Hymn: VU p. 820
“Psalm 100 – Make a Joyful Noise”
Old Testament: Deuteronomy 26:1-11
This is the witness of Israel.
Thanks be to God!
Gospel: John 6:24-35
The Gospel of Christ.
Praise to you, O Christ!
Response: MV 201 “I Am the Bread of Life”
. . . silent reflection . . .
Prayers of the People
(VU p. 952)
Through our lives and by our prayers
your kindom come.
Invitation & Peace:
The peace of Christ be with you all.
And also with you.
Hymn of Confession: (remain seated)
VU 462 “Before I Take the Body
of My Lord”
God is with us.
We are not alone.
Christ is present here.
The Spirit is among us.
Let us give thanks to God,
in memory and in hope . . . .
During Communion:
VU 478 “You Satisfy the Hungry Heart”
verses sung by cantor
Refrain sung by ALL:
You satisfy the hungry heart
with gift of finest wheat.
Come, give to us, O saving Lord,
the bread of life to eat.
MV 201 “I Am the Bread of Life”
I am the bread of life
broken for the world,
I am the cup poured out for all.
Those who believe in me will never die.
I am the life of the world.
Eternal and gracious One,
though we live in a world of need
here we have tasted your goodness
and hungered for a world more just.
Though afflicted
by brokenness and division,
here we have heard your call
to be a people of healing community.
Though daily we touch our limits,
here we have received
the fullness of your grace.
Send us forth, O God,
in faith,
in hope,
and in love.
Going Forth
Hymn: VU 307 “Touch the Earth Lightly”
Blessing & Sending Forth
All material reprinted with permission under OneLicense.net A-711-187
Next week: Wed. Oct. 16th
Dr. Douglas John Hall
1:30 pm, Room 119
reception to follow

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