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By Riley, Liam, Ryan and Hamish.
a peasant’s child
husking rice, pauses
to look at the moon
Matsuo Basho
I think the Poem means a poverty
stricken child being forced to work
in a sweat shop is looking at the
moon wondering about the
A lightning flashthe sound of water drops
falling through bamboo
By Yosa Bunson
I think this poem means
that a storm has just
went by and you can
hear the rain drops.
Fallen red blossoms.
from plum trees burst
into flame.
among the horse turds.
We think it means it makes
good things look stupid.
Temple bells die out.
The fragrant blossoms remain.
A perfect evening!
I think this Haiku means a relaxing
afternoon and it indicates
freedom, or a weekend.
Autumn moonlight—
a worm digs silently
into the chestnut.
I think it means…
I chose these two pictures because in the
Haiku it sounds to me Basho means in the
Autumn night (usually in autumn leaves on
a tree die or in this case go to sleep and
when they wake up there’s new life) a
worm digs silently into a chestnut (so the
caterpillar is in its cocoon and the baby is
it’s mother womb).
Our Haikus!
Haiku on the floods.
Floods destroy lives
Families hope destroyed
Scars left forever
By Hamish Ablett.
Haiku on tornadoes
Deadly tornadoes
Demolishing many cities
And peoples lives
By Riley Stevenson.
Haiku on earthquakes
Fault lines in the earth
Death forecasted; tragedy
Earth in discomfort
By Liam Johnson
Haiku on bushfires.
The Bush Fires Burn Worlds
It Leaves Black Death Behind
Dark Scars on Our Earth
By Ryan Piper
Qn.1 who invented it?
Matsuo Basho a great Japanese poet invented haikus.
Qn.2 What are the characteristics of the Haiku?
A Haiku consists of 17 syllables and is usually written in three lines. 5
syllables in the first 7 in the second row and 5 in the last.
Qn.3 what is the main goal of a Haiku?
It’s mostly trying to tell a story or give you a picture of something that
happens in nature.
Qn.4 what set apart the masters of Haiku and who are they?
The masters such as Basho, Buson and Issa tell a very complex and
superior Haiku that will give you a more understandable image or
story. They are men/women who have taken years of their life to
come up with a story that only lasts a few seconds.

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