Welcome to Oakland Catholic High School

Welcome to Oakland Catholic High School!
Spirituality, Scholarship, Service
January 28
Catholic Schools Week
The next prom club meeting will
be held on
Tuesday, January 29
immediately after school in
room 101.
Chess Team
• OC Chess Queens league opener is Monday.
• OC vs. Gateway at OC.
• Team bring snacks and drinks.
Wear your team T shirts.
• Silent supporters are welcome.
• The OC Rowing team had a successful Saturday at
the TRRA Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints, an indoor
rowing competition.
• In addition to sweeping personal records across
both the novice and varsity programs, 3 rowers
placed: Emily Serkes and Salli Bowman both took
gold in their events, and Erin Higgins won bronze
in her race.
• If you see any of the rowers, please congratulate
them on representing OC so well against the
tough competition.
• Strong work, ladies!
Join the Rowing Team!
• If you're interested in joining the rowing team,
you still can!
• The team is accepting any athlete from any
grade to come and train with us for our
upcoming spring season.
• Novices practice in the afternoon!
• Please see our captains, posters, or the office
if interested.
• There will be a Cancer Awareness meeting
after school on Tuesday, January 29.
• Members please try to attend.
• There will be a meeting after school on
Tuesday, Jan 29 at 2:35pm the Study Area for
any student interested in the Scuba Diver
Certification Club.
February 6-7
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Guides to the College Fair are available in the
Guidance Office
• Come cheer on the swim team!
• The OC swim team's senior night is next
Thursday, January 31.
• The meet is held at Chatham's pool and OC
will be swimming against Penn Hills.
• The Senior activities start at 5:30pm and the
meet begins at 6:00.
Driver’s Education class – Spring
Session 2013
• Driver’s Education class information for the
Spring Session can be obtained in the Main
Office. We need 25 students enrolled to have
the class. Students must sign up in the Main
Office. The class is held on Tuesdays from
2:40pm to 5:40pm for ten weeks beginning
February 5, 2013.
• Any questions please see Mrs. Ceponis in the
Main Office.
Members of the Class of 2013
• Senior Mid Year Reports
In order to ensure accurate mid year reporting
to colleges, please submit all college denial,
acceptances, and waitlisting to the Guidance
Office immediately. The Guidance Office will
make copies for you.
• Also submit any scholarships received.
• Thank you.

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