Andy Caulum - 24th Annual BIA Tribal Providers Conference

Andrew S. Caulum
Office of the Solicitor – Division of Indian Affairs
Prepared for the BIA Providers Conference
December 4, 2013 – Anchorage, Alaska
Tribal Transportation Program
Contracting Options with BIA
Direct Service - BIA Regional Office
Self-Determination (Title I)
Self-Governance (Title IV) – TTP Addendum
Program Agreement (formerly known as G2G)
Differences Among Contracting Options
• Direct Service – BIA Region delivers the
program in consultation with Tribal
• Self-Determination – BIA Region enters into a
“93-638” self-determination contract with
• Self-Governance – TTP Addendum to SelfGovernance Compact
Program Agreements
(Formerly G2G Agreements)
• Differs from Self-Determination Agreements in that the
Tribe carries out all but the inherently Federal functions of
the TTP as opposed to project-specific contracting.
• Allows for greater flexibility in carrying out the program,
subject to the requirements of MAP-21 and the Tribal
Transportation Program regulations at 25 CFR Part 170.
• Program Agreement is modeled on agreements FHWA
uses to contract with Tribes for the TTP.
• Eligibility considerations and Process– BIA-DOT Program
Agreement Handbook
• If Tribe is interested in developing a Program Agreement
with BIA, first step is to contact Regional Road Engineer.
BIA and Solicitor Review
BIA Review
• BIA Regional Road Engineer works with Tribe to develop TTP
Agreement and Referenced Funding Agreement (RFA) based
upon approved model documents for each.
• Tribe enacts resolution approving TTP Agreement and
transmits Agreement, RFA and resolution to RRE.
• RRE prepares electronic submission package and transmits
to BIA-DOT Central Office in ABQ.
• BIA-DOT Central Office reviews package for accuracy and
confirms TTP funding amounts and availability
• Transmits package to Solicitor for review.
Solicitor Review
• Approval resolution
• TTP Agreement and RFA for compliance with
previously approval models.
• Identifies any issues that may prevent
• If no issues, Solicitor drafts and transmits
approval e-mail to BIA-DOT.
Final Steps
• BIA-DOT prepares package for signature by
BIA-Director (Program Agreement) or Deputy
Director (RFAs only).
• Fully executed TTP Agreement and related
documents are scanned into pdfs and made
available to Regional Road Engineer and Tribe
for their records.
• Tribe notified that funds are available for
draw down.
Andy Caulum
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