NHS North West Surrey CCG Pre

NHS North West
Surrey CCG
Pre –Market Engagement
6th February 2014
Service Opportunities
Any Qualified Provider (AQP)
locally commissioner service opportunities
for those services formerly delivered as
Local Enhanced Services via the GP contract
24hr Blood Pressure Monitoring
and Minor Surgery
North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group serves 350,000 people in
42 practices working across three localities and four boroughs.
NHS North West Surrey CCG was formally established in April 2013
Our GP practices are all members of our CCG
Key Facts
13 practices
(Spelthorne BC)
15 practices
(Woking BC)
Thames Medical
14 practices
(West Elmbridge &
Runnymede BCs)
289.1 square
kilometres (111.7 square
Population density: 5,900
per square kilometre (15,200
per square mile)
Surrey Local
Authority, Hounslow Local
Authority, Surrey Downs
CCG, Guildford & Waverly
CCG, Farnham & North East
Hampshire, Bracknell &
Basingstoke CCH, Windsor,
Ascot & Maidenhead CCG,
Slough CCG, Hillingdon
CCG, Hounslow CCG and
Richmond CCG
Transport routes: Main
roads includes M25, M3 and
A3. Main line rail
connections to central
London & the south of
Main employers: IT,
Pharmaceutical &
communications, wholesale
& retail and construction
What does our CCG do?
We are responsible for listening to our local community to ensure we understand their
needs, planning how we invest to ensure effective services, and improving local health
services to enable North West Surrey people to enjoy the best possible health.
We are responsible for commissioning
• Planned (often called Elective ) hospital
• Rehabilitation care
• Urgent and emergency care
• Most community health services
• Mental health and learning disabilities
We do not commission the following
services, but we work closely with the
relevant commissioners
• Primary care services – NHS England
• Specialist services – Specialist
• Public health services – Surrey CC
We work with:
Patients and the public
Local authorities and other
stakeholders, including voluntary
Other CCGs
Other healthcare professionals
Our Main Providers are
• Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS
Foundation Trust
• Virgin Care for community health services
• Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust for mental health and
learning disability services
• South East Coast Ambulance Services
Our Vision
Our Vision
• To enable all North West Surrey people to
enjoy the best possible health.
• We are seeking to transform service delivery,
focused on better outcomes for patients, with
decisions taken by GPs and listening to the voices
of our patients and stakeholders.
Our Strategic Objectives
1. Increase length of life and prevent people
from dying prematurely
2. Improve quality of life and promote
3. Optimise the integration, quality and
effectiveness of services
4. Help people recover from ill-health
5. Target spend for greatest gain and
eliminate waste
Our Core Values
• We are accountable to our population and our members
• We are open and transparent in decision making
• We value quality and patient experience in everything we do
• We value strong clinical leadership and engaged clinicians
• We value relationships with patients, providers and
• We will promote good governance and proper stewardship of
public resources in pursuance of our goals and in meeting
statutory duties
Why are we proposing change?
• CCGs responsible for commissioning services to
meet needs of local population
• NHS England responsible for Primary Care
(amongst other services)
• Local Enhanced Services currently an adjunct to
Primary Care contracts thus need to commission
as local services subject to CCG control and
• Opportunity to align with wider strategic direction
Designing a new service
• All existing LES and Tier 2 services reviewed
• Multi agency steering group evaluated service and
proposed route to market as appropriate
• Patient representative and LMC involved
• All service specifications have been revised in the
context of the emerging strategic objectives of the
organisation via a clinically led sub group(s)
• Corporate approval gained to recommendations
What are our service aims?
• Safe, effective, high quality services
• Locally accessible, convenient services
• Patient choice available at point of referral
• Innovative use of technology and service delivery
• Delivery of defined outcome measures and
strategic objectives
What are the expected benefits
of change?
Improved patient access and experience - “right care,
right place, first time”
High quality care in a sustainable ‘best value’
Better clinical outcomes, delivered where possible
within a ‘one stop’ pathway
Greater consistency of care through improved
service specifications and equality of provision
across the CCG
Plurality within the market to drive improvements
in quality and patient experience
What is Any Qualified Provider?
The Government has specifically committed to
extending patient choice of Any Qualified Provider
(AQP) for appropriate services.
AQP means that when patients are referred, usually
by their GP, for a particular service, they should be
able to choose from a list of qualified providers who
meet NHS service quality requirements, prices and
normal contractual obligations.
The Principles of AQP
The following principles govern an AQP approach to contracting for
1. Providers qualify and register to provide services via an assurance
process that tests providers’ fitness to offer NHS funded services:
2. Commissioners set local pathways and referral protocols which
providers must accept.
3. Referring clinicians offer patients a choice of qualified providers for
the service being referred to
4. Competition is based on quality, not price. Providers are paid a fixed
price determined by a national or local tariff (where no national tariff
5. Providers receive no volume guarantees and are paid on an activity
basis only.
What are the benefits of AQP?
• Allows the market to be as open as
• Allows both existing and new providers to
enter the market
• Allows all qualified providers to compete
for services on the basis of ‘quality’ rather
than ‘price’
• Facilitates better patient choice
• Is a ‘leaner’ process for the commissioner
How to apply for AQP Status
Support for AQP Providers
If you are a service provider and want to become an AQP provider, you will need to:
Register for an AQP account
Log in to your AQP account and search for new offers or opportunities
Choose the offer you wish to apply for and click the 'Apply' button at the top of the offer, which will create a
qualification questionnaire for you to complete.
Complete your qualification questionnaire before the 'Reply by this time' date. You can use the online
noticeboard to ask questions about the offer until a week before the offer closes.
Save your qualification questionnaire regularly
Check all sections of the questionnaire have been completed (indicated by a green tick)
Click Submit, and then save on your questionnaire to submit your application. You should also check the
status of your questionnaire changes from Draft to Submitted.
Draft Procurement Timetable
Any Qualified Provider (AQP)
published on Supply2Health
advert 17th February 2014
AQP submissions must be completed
17th March 2014
Assessment of submitted applications
24th March – 2nd May 2014
AQP Provider Clarification Questions Final Date for Request of Information
6th May 2014 - 8th May 2014
Providers notified of the outcome of the 27th May 2014
qualification process
Contract Award/Mobilisation
2nd June 2014 – 30th June 2014
Service Commencement
1st July 2014

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