Dual Credit Meeting Powepoint

Dual Credit
• DC courses are more academically challenging, will
include different requirements for each course, and
will result in a SEPARATE college grade for each
• DC grades become part of the High School
Permanent Record AND will be recorded on the
college transcript.
• Credits are transferable to any Texas public
university, saving you money.
• DC courses are taught on the high school campus and
may be concurrent with AP courses
Dual Credit at CAHS
• Students may be withdrawn for lack of attendance
and/or lack of progress.
• Students who make a D or an F in a DC class WILL
NOT be allowed to continue in the program.
• If a student plagiarizes, colludes or cheats in any dual
credit course, the student will be subject to discipline
polices of the college as well as the high school.
• Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to
the Alamo Colleges Academic Calendar drop deadlines
for withdrawals.
Dropping a Dual Credit Course
• Before Census date -Courses dropped by students on
or prior to the census date will not appear on
permanent records (Census date-around Sept. 3)
• After Census Date
– “W” will appear on college transcript.
– Withdrawals through DC do NOT affect the Six
Drop Rule.
– Withdrawals through DC ARE COUNTED toward
the student’s 3-Peat Rule.
– Dropping a DC course or making a D or F can
affect later financial aid.
Dual Credit Courses
• Many have prerequisites.
• Qualifying scores vary for the different courses.
• MATH: College Algebra, Pre-Cal (1 sem. College
Alg/1 sem. PreCal), Statistics, Calculus AB and
Calculus BC
• SCIENCE: Biology, Environmental Science
• ENGLISH: English III and IV (cannot sign up for
Eng. IV DC if you did not take Eng. III DC)
• Spanish III
First-Time Students’ Requirements
• Complete Parent/Student Consent Form
• Complete NWV’s READY-SET-APPLY which
includes the Apply Texas Application
• Prove Residency if necessary
• Complete NWV’s GoFAARR and Test Prep
• Take the TSI and obtain qualifying test scores
(possibly retest) $15 payable to CAHS.
• Meet all NW Vista & CAHS deadlines.
Returning Students’ Requirements
• Current DC students do NOT need to complete
READY-SET-APPLY or an application.
• Current students who are adding/changing
disciplines will need to complete NWV’s
GoFAARR & Test Prep modules, take the
TSI and obtain qualifying scores.
• If you completed GoFAARR last year, you do
not need to repeat it.
• Meet all NW Vista & CAHS deadlines.
Qualifying TEST SCORES & the TSI
• Incoming juniors MAY be able to qualify based
on their PSAT scores.
• Before taking the TSI test, ALL students are
required to complete a Test Prep Module
through NW Vista.
• The TSI will be given on campus on Feb. 6,
2015. Cost is $15, and it is a 5 hours test.
• If a student does not qualify, he/she can retest as
long as it is done by the deadline. Initial retesting
will be done at CAHS. Retesting after 3/19 will
be done at NW Vista.
Dual Credit Acceptance/Changes
• When all of the requirements are met,
students are listed on the high school’s
Verification & Recommendation Form that
is sent to Vista.
• After the first day of class, NO ADD
requests will be honored. This is a NW Vista
ruling. Pick your classes carefully.
DC Application Deadlines/Checklist
Dec. 16
-Salon de Sabios in C109 4:20-6:20 to complete modules
Jan. 14
-Dual Credit Documentation form for NEW and RETURNING DC students
-Apply Texas and copy of Applications Page for NEW DC student only
Jan. 30
-Register and pay $15 for TSI -NEW DC students and RETURNING DC students
wishing to change/add a discipline
-GoFAARR and Test Prep completed and certificate of completion printed and
turned in for All NEW DC students AND for RETURNING DC students wishing to
change/add a discipline.
Feb. 6
-TSI testing in A108 @ 8:40
March 3,4,17, 19
--TSI Retesting in C115 4:20-6:20-Must pay fee before retesting
After Mar. 19-June 3rd All retesting must be done by the 3rd.
-TSI [email protected] NW Vista. Give copy of scores to Mrs. Malik.
Need Help? Confused?
• Refer to the CAHS Dual Credit Handbook
• Refer to the Dual Credit section of the NW
Vista web cite.
• Attend Mrs. Malik the Dual Credit Salon de
Sabios in C109 for application assistance or
time to complete GoFAARR &Test Prep
modules on Dec. 16 from 4:15-6:30.

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